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  • (Hipaa, hospital gave address...) are they responsible?

    Business got my personal info (name, address, phone number) got call from them. 

    I can prove HOSPITAL gave information, or mis handled it. Name is too unique for coincidence. (name, address, newest phone number) 

    someone did a crime with it (name/person is banned from business for unknown reason. Nothing legal. No Credit alerts. Seeking to get reason why elsewhere) 

    deduced only way person/business could have gotten my info is from HEALTH Network. 


    All my personal information is different everywhere. (similar but legal variations of name, address, phone, email...)

    (hospital has is only place with NAME as written, hyphenated name without hyphen; can't input special characters. With private/newest cell number. Also has 10+ years outdated address and number. Never updated nor will. Still a mailing address mostly for shopping) (name variation isn't even on credit report. With hospital I have over 6 different records/names Its easier to give record number.) 

    (everywhere else is single surname. Never middle name/initial. And no one has currently address, except utility and landlord. Not friends/family, not even taxes/job. Background checks & public records don't have last 2 addresses.)

    (I also maintain 5+ cellphones newer numbers are MORE PRIVATE business only, older is still maintained mainly spam. Grandfather plans not worth updating due to savings.)

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  • Black Friday and coronavirus ?

    Do you think local stores will have sales this year. 

    ...Cyber Monday will take over.


    (still to early to guess, my opinion)

    Sales will be evened-out for 2 months (steady lower prices, NO DOOR BUSTER deals... Maybe steady 20% off)

    Box stores will try to promote "store pickup" (to get $$$ for order and potential new purchases)

    Cyber Monday will be NEW BLACK FRIDAY. (take over for November, random daily deals. Consumers must remain alert for desired items)

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  • Gopro @ night. Riding bicycle. Any tips?

    Gopro hero 8 black. (1st time user, pre-ordered)

    Planning to use 1 hour @ night. (for security, other drivers behavior. 3rd hit-and-run since 5 months.)

    Any tips on using, settings...

    Moderate street lights, @ most 1 every 1/8th mile. 

    -road glare oncoming cars


    -video vs stills... Frame rate

    I have 2 headlights

    Niterider pro 3000 (downward facing, used for wide beam, focused 5ft. Radiant upwards 15ft)

    Niterider lumina 950 boost. 

    (spotlight, focused 10ft, halo from 3000 overpowering. Just 2nd light to brighten dark spot in halo of 3000) 

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  • Will people steal gopro items off bicycle. ?

    1st gopro, hero 8. 

    BIKE left outside during the day. 


    2 hours @ shopping center

    1 hour @ business district (high foot traffic, high risk area) 

    4 hours @ yard (visible from street, bike was never bothered in place)


    For now just removing camera with thumb screw. Planning to use with case. Leaving case on bicycle, just removing camera. ____I don't want to but if neededuse RED THREAD LOCK. Pain in a** to remove once set. If screws are replaced with cheaper aluminum, heads will be stripped. 

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  • New apartment/lease. Conflicting cost of rent.?

    Friend is getting new apartment. (1 bed/bath, only needs to pay electric)

    good deal but landlord has sloppy paperwork habits, already proven.

    Signed lease =$771

    Listing (online) = $825

    Security deposit (1 month) = $808

    Also asked friend to sign form (state funded electric coverage, state pays landlord $75 to add electric into lease. FRAUD, tenant still pays electric)

    Lanlord-tenant signed agreement is $771. Less than 1 week and changed price of rent.

    But landlord wants $808 monthly & security. (no other fees attached) a $50 application fee already paid.


    Is this legal.

    Move in date July 1st.

    I just told friend to stay @ $771 -or- move. Landlord creating problems. There should be more to come.

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  • Bicycle accident, road rash. Injuries missed work. Any advice?

    Riding disc bicycle downhill, on newly paved roadway. At bottom of hill is traffic light, myself having a red. It appears blacktop was accidently dropped and left in newly paven roadway.

    When going downhill, 25+ mph, i started to brake and hit a rough patch causing me to go airborne. Brakes still being applied, wheels locked-up upon landing, = accident with road rash (both legs, knees, arm and part of face).

    Bicycle is only source for commuting, i have and will miss work due to injuries and extreme level of pain mostly while standing. I can uber/taxi but pain stand is intolerable, yet alone walking.

    Like potholes excess buildup should be a hazard.

    I tried contacting city = roadway was just done, nothing they can do.

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  • Can I get out of lease, by wrong address?

    I no longer want apartment. My lease is half up. Can I withhold rent until work is completed. Or break lease.If possible will I get security deposit back. (only damage to apartment is work he did, pre-order existing damages, I have i picture to prove. Before moving in, and before/after each job each repair)

    Landlord refuses to fix stove/oven (oven unusable since moving in, he stated he'd fix) and does half as work. APPT came with stove and fridge. I can't cook, only microwave and griddle.

    On the lease (basic stateform, fill in the blank) landlord wrote wrong address on single line (line was long enough to write whole address using his script size)

    When signing lease he stated he uses generic leases to avoid confusion... He's been in business over 20 years.

    He wrote

    Building number (12)

    Street direction (south)

    Apartment number (floor 1)

    City, state zip

    Example he wrote "12 south st floor 1 city, PA 12345" Most would read "south" as name of street not direction

    (completely excluding street name, It is just a numbered street "S 2ND st" Or "south 2ND st" both forms don't need additional space)

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  • How do I move forward with my disability-lifesytyle. Is life worth it?

    I been physically/mentally disabled last 10 years.

    Uncontrolled seizures. Can't work (SSI, SSD, VA-DISABILITY) physically-fit able to work but seizures =safety issue myself/others and environment. Plus lack of motorized personal transportation.

    Seizure medication make me numb (blank mind, too focused on environment to have any real feelings/emotions) limits working possibilities

    Therapy, support group won't work. (I dislike speaking = meds/slow cognition)

    I feel like I have no support.

    Limited and lessening friends/family (I could never make new friends, can't connect on a emotional level) most friends moved on since high school. Just my sister. (adopted, then parents died)

    The friends I maintained contact with feeI don't need help assistance. sarcastically stating what do you need help with (I am always trying to assist others, a go to type of person)


    The way I feel is I just been existing. No real personal life. I am just holding on by a thread. And only still here because of one person. (if that person wasn't there when disability started, I would have committed suicide) (not because of support they provide, but because of the support they need most of which I can provide)

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  • How to ask for help (emotional support)?

    Male, 28. Disabled since 18, physically/mentally (uncontrolled seizures, medication creates cognitive issues)

    Everytime I even try asking theses close to me for help, they think I'm joking (I am usually the go to guy, sarcastic "what how can I help you") they adapted to my disability but without true understanding of severity. (I'd rather have a physical disability, NOT BOTH)

    I know my psych state, depression, is worsening. No immediate need for intervention, but soon. (can foresee mental break down) no professional diagnosis

    I need.

    1) Human interaction. I dislike speaking (cognitive slow) crowds (but sit in public while those known are @ work)

    2) new daily activities. Can't continue current routine (conflicts)

    3) job, more income. HS diploma. physically able but limits. (on meds= "NOT POSSIBLE" mental slow, MIND GOES BLANK too often... Off meds = mentally capable but severe seizures)

    4) relax, mentally non-psych. (I need to stay mentally alert to function, all day, without doing so I forget too much to the point I fall too far behind) you can say ANXIETY and/or OVER-ANALYTICAL

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  • how to ask for help; life-skills & anxiety, NOT Psych yet (only thoughts, NO plans and/or ideas)?

    late-20s, MALE. high IQ, impaired cognition (impaired thought/reaction time; everything else is still WAY ABOVE AVERAGE) head injury = SSI/SSDI and VA-disability

    TBI (disabled since 18, worsening memory problems, social skills...) (i am becoming increasing slower thought-reaction timing)

    SEIZURES (uncontrolled, but better, worsened memory functioning) (no License)

    NO MORE locally located friend (all moved on,and/or lost contact; memory-loss and/or damaged phones)

    Limited social skills (dislike speaking, large and/or unfamiliar scenery, social networking) (impaired speech; mainly slow due to processing) (i try not to speak to maintain processing speeds)

    i spend too much time thinking of my place within my surrounding (forgetting events, people...)

    NOT Psych yet, but foreseen if not corrected. but stressed, anxiety, too much change within short time (limited income, process of moving, loss of day-time activity = business closing)

    I do not know where to turn to ask for help. (800 # won't work = speech & memory i will forget) (not counseling type, won't take psych meds, limited/decreasing family/friends, and don't feel they can handle added stresses)

    suffering silently for years (friends/family know my old capability and have that image placed within their heads "i am well the strong supportive type and rarely need assistance") if when i ask for help they dont see a situation in which they can help (i helped them the same way i need support)

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  • joke acceptance?

    How would you react.

    (Coming from a black person on MLK DAY)

    "this is a black and white world, no colors allowed"

    When questioned statement he joke about it. There are no colors anymore, right. He is alway saying things to see reactions.

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  • 2020 US election; "the election of perfect vision, 20/20)?

    do you think any party will use this within their campaign.

    2020, some pronounce years in short-hand 20 XX (most pronunce long-hand 20XX)

    20/20 = perfect vision (see all, know all...)

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  • Unstable BLOOD PRESSURE... After seizure WHY?

    Can seizure trigger heart problem?

    Starting 2 Days after seizure. I ve been having ongoing symptoms, stupor like, ongoing.

    - Drowsiness, mostly mental fog

    - check changes in vision

    - sudden decrease in mental alertness of surroundings

    I checked my blood pressure and it was

    20-points lower while at rest. (97/69 usually 116/68)

    Change suddenly too normal then drop again. (no change in activity)

    I thought it was a symptom of LIDOCAINE, received during stitches last seizure, but very unlikely.(too much time past, would be immediate)

    I noticed when exercising my symptoms cleared up, the thought blood pressure.


    Now going to ER, it changed again accompanied by chest pains

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  • will cable guide from fork work on bicycle frame? unknown Screw thread size difference?

    plastic cable guide broke on bike. It is a sheet of plastic held together by screws on down-tube holding cable to frame. it still is holding but Local Bike Shop states they cant find/order OEM parts. rear derailleur; bike has no cable guides for zip-ties.

    next step is duct tape over plastic pieces by fall.


    the only thing i found online was "NSB-North Shore Bullit 40 cable guide for FOX forks" it has/fitted for a M3 x 10.

    Do you think this will work?

    my only concern is the price $20-30 each (need 3) bike is worth the price but only if it works.


    is the only difference is the screw head size. 3M (3mm vs 4mm)

    is there a difference in the thread count, or is that standard on all bikes.

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