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    Amiga Game Problem?

    Carrier Command when sent the Carrier to a Island after a while the Engine sound goes wrong it changes does not sound right then a little while later the game crashes

    tried different AD Files all do the same

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games4 days ago
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    Game Help?

    Alien Breed Original  when you use the more powerful Guns the Fire Doors shut. can not find the Deck Lift does not appear on the Map all Alien Breed Games 

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    Game Help ?

    F-14 Tomcat Dos. How do you retract the Landing Gear pressing G U or L has no effect. Is it Automatic. Game manual says space bar selects targets does not always work and when it does also fires two missiles. Does not say the weapon launch key  

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    Biology info?

    Why did the The Plauge vanished from Europe

    3 AnswersHistory4 weeks ago
  • Amiga game help?

    Elite Advanced combat ratings how many points do you need to get Deadly and Elite ratings on this version or is it the same as the original

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 month ago
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    Shoping on E Bay?

    I Bought two Amiga Computer's from them a A 600 and a A 1200 both were defective

    the A 600 did not work the A 1200 a lot of the Key's did not work a lot of the game's did not work even the A 500 game's say's not enough Memory the seller say's some game's need more memory but i think it's meant for A 1200 game's fitted more Memory  game's still did not work also bought a Cheat system for the Psone did not work

    1 AnswerOther - Hardware2 months ago
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    This is a image from the YouTube video The Royal's Shadowgate Preview Update  ?

    What is Hanging above the people the middle of the picture i know the sign on the right say's AP i am not asking about that. Understand that wally's

    2 AnswersRoyalty2 months ago
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    This is a image from the YouTube video The Royal's Shadowgate Preview ?

    what is hanging on top of the picture

    2 AnswersRoyalty2 months ago
  • Facebook Help?

    Cannot Upload Video's to Photo's Album select Create Photo Album. Name Photo Album My Video's click on Upload Picture's or Video's select about 8 for the first upload

    does not upload just cut's out. Scanned for Viruses none found

    Facebook2 months ago
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    Retro Game Console?

    What is the Best one for about £100's or under from Amazon UK from the UK

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games3 months ago
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    Amiga 1200 Emulation Help?

    Using WinUAE what are the correct WinUAE settings to Run the Blizzard_1230_SCSI_IV_8.5.rom and were do you put it i have the A1200 Kickstart 3.0 


    Software3 months ago
  • PC Art help?

    Is there a App that will turn any Coloured

    Toon Picture into just a outline i like to change the Colours but you cannot just use the fill because the areas are not just one colour dose not matter if the Picture needs a outline what Website can you download from

    2 AnswersSoftware4 months ago
  • Aircraft Question ?

    why a Mach 3 Fighter can not be very mavoverable

    3 AnswersAircraft4 months ago
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    Shopping Help?

    Want to by a new Shaver from Amazon

    some of the Shavers i looked at have some bad revues what is a good one for about £50 want one with the round heads

    is rechargeable

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics4 months ago
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    Game Disc Problem?

    Installing Game Strike Fighters Gold

    Kaspersky Anti Virus Detected something

    did not like packed.Win32.Morphine.a detected Object

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    Game Help?

    Frontier First Encounters downloaded from runs under Windows have

    difficulty controlling ship because ship changes direction slightly all the time with no control input the locale Chart rotates all the time do not know why do not know what to do have had this problem with the

    earlier games before tried with or without

    game pad plunged in on effect

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 months ago
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    Dosbox help?

    Watch a youtube Dosbox help Video

    says to mount Dosbox drive to C

    type mount C C:\DOS

    I type this in Dosbox says's dir does not excist drive is C

    2 AnswersSoftware5 months ago
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    PC Program help?

    How do you run a LHA Game File

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 months ago
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    Game help Frontier First Encounters?

    Downloaded from website Old-Games does not run properly cannot control ship properly others downloaded from other websites not not work under windows

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 months ago
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    PC App Help?

    Is there a App for PC that will display Video Media files as Thumbnails were can it be found on the Internet to download

    Software5 months ago