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  • We're going to have to be sneaky about this one any suggestions?

    Question how do you get someone to stop smoking that doesn't want to stop smoking? And do it wihout them knowing you are trying to make them to stop smoking? If she suspects I am trying to make her stop smoking she is going to bow up and start griping about me promising not to say anything about her smoking?

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  • Question about pit bull dogs?

    If a stray pit bull dog that looks like he is straving to death starts hanging around your houss, and. you start feeding it to keep it from straving. Then it bites someone on your property, are you liable for damages since the dog is a stray and you don't own it?

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  • Two simple true or false questions!?

    1. Americans are real good at practical Math applications: Making do useful work.

    True or false!

    2. Americans are lousy at theoretical Math. They care less how a formula is derived.

    True or false.

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  • Wofling down versus eating slow?

    How agree that wolfing down our food instead of eating slow is one of the main reasons most Americans are over weight.

    I know when I'm in a hurry and wolf down my food instead of eating slow. I'm starving to death thirty minutes later. Any body else like that?

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  • Simple true or false!?

    !. The Democrats are outstanding at passing direct taxes!

    A. True. B. False

    2. The Republicans are outstanding at passing hidden taxes!

    A. True. B. False

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  • Another one to make you think?

    Every wonder why in a lot of plants the people working in shipping and receiving (purchaing) seem to have the lowest paid jobs in the plant. But they seem to have the most expensive cars and live in most expensive houses! And not their wives or husbands don't work.

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  • Now that I have everyone mad about gas prices!?

    How many of you are going to keep in the back of your minds when you buy something how much you are really paying for it. Verses how much taxes hidden and direct you are paying when you buy. That includes everything from gasoline to toothpaste.

    Puts a whole new light on the fleecing of America by government doesn't it?

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  • Ok! Now that I have your Attention on gas prices:?

    How many of your know or realize that most of what you are paying for gasoline at the pump is taxes?

    How many of you know that what is post as the taxes you are paying at the pump is only a small fraction of the taxes you are really paying:

    Here is some taxes you are really paying:

    Oil is taxed at the well head before it ever leaves the ground both state and Federal taxes.

    Oil is taxed at the storage tanks as soon as it is pumped out both state and local:

    Oil is taxed in pipe lines to refineries! Both state and federal:

    Oil is taxed each step of the refining process: Both state and federal.

    So by time it is all said and done oil companies are making less than a dollar a gallon gross! Out of that they have to pay wages and invest in new wells and new equipment and repairs to existing equipment:

    How many ever thought about that?

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  • Laughing all the way to the bank?

    How many of you realize while the media is screaming oil shortage and We are running out of oil in "Two Weeks" Oh! Lord! Oh! Lord! We gotta stop using so much oil!

    That the oil companies and oil lease holders are laughing all the way to the bank; About how gullible people not in oil industry are.


    I'm one of them Laughing all the way to the bank with my oil lease checks.

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  • Another Poll and Food for Thought?

    How many of you take the precaution of getting pre paid credit cards to use when buying on line or over the phone? Or, are you the really trusting type?

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  • How about this?

    Ok People Iran says the only way to bring peace in Iraq and middle east is for U.S. to withdrawl from Iraq!

    I say only way to bring peace in the middle east is for U.S. to nuke Iran.

    1. agree

    2. disagree

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  • Well what do you all think?

    Bridge collapse: First words out our dear ole Congress's mouth raise gas taxes 5 cents a gallon. Not we had better stop sending highway money on our pork barrel projects and start sending where it is supported to be spent on the highways.

    Haven't they figured out we have gotten wise to their butts and their pork barrel projects to pay off big corporations.

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  • Ok how gross is this?

    Just read where they are wanting to release and show Anne Nicole Smith's breast augmentation surgey.

    1. Gross

    2. Not Gross

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  • Is congress a bunch of Morons or what?

    The democratic Congress was voted in for three reasons

    1. war in Iraq end it.

    2. high gasoline prices:

    3. high medical costs

    And what have they done? Voted to increase gas tax. which will increase the cost of gasoling not lower it.

    On War nothing but hot air!

    On high medical costs absolutely nothing,.

    Now they take a vacation!

    Anybody have an opinion on this?

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  • How many agree or disagree with this?

    Heard this thought it was kind of funny. One of the men shop griping and moaning about getting stopped by a motorcycle cop and got a speeding ticket, then he was given a misdeamor verbal assault on a police officer ticket for arguing with the cop

    One of the men at work commented Boy what is wrong with you don't you know you don't argue with a motorcycle cop who has a tube of preparation in his shirt pocker.

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  • How Many agree with this? Never Argue with a Motorcycle Cop!?

    Who has a tube of preparation H sticking out of his shirt pocket

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  • German Politicians?

    Just read where Germany is consisting a smoking ban in cars.

    My question is three parts to this.

    Have the German politicians gotten as stupid as the American Politicians?

    Or. has Germany been taken over by a bunch of Southern Baptist Church biddies?

    Or has Germany figured out a way to kill off half it's population by making it look like traffic accidents.?

    It seems to me a bunch of drivers in the middle of a traffic jam experiencing road rage and on top of that in the middle of a nicotine fit, that is exactly what you don't want unless you want to kill off half your population and make it look like accidents?

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  • Has anyone noticed about the 2n Amendment?

    Has anyone noticed this happening? Every time you bring up the 2nd amendment and start going past the title to where it states that every able bodied male eighteen and over is in the Militia that your answer disappears before it can even be posted?

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