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  • Transferring iPod to new laptop.?

    I ve looked around on Google, and seen differnet things to do, or that I need to download certain programs to save my music. I am not computer savy.

    I purchased a Dell laptop, and downloaded iTunes. So far I was able to click the button to not sync automatically when the iPod connects. That s how far I got. My iPod is a 4g nano. The laptop is, assuming, latitude D620...if that helps any.

    So my question is, which I m sure has been asked a thousands times before, is how can I take my music to my iPod to iTunes?

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  • How did she get my number?

    I got a text from someone asking me about a house that my aunt, actually my husband's aunt, used to own. I lived there with my now husband, but I didn't live there. Technically, I still lived with my mother, but moved in with my husband, at the time he was my boyfriend. I never changed anything, but my husband did have a few things addressed to me for that house. (We were moving, put our names at that address, and once he got me college information mail to his aunt's address) By record, I was a permanent resident at my mothers. My bills and car insurance were mailed there, and I never changed my address to his aunts.

    We moved. The lady texted me saying that she went through the mail and saw my name, my husband's name, and his aunts name. (We haven't checked the mail at all. We checked the mail when we moved, and once all the important information was no longer being sent we stopped. My aunt moved out before us. This was over a year ago, and we did address forwarded/new address)

    She said that she couldn't get find my husband's or my aunt's numbers, but when she looked up my name she found my cell phone number. She said she used a credit card to find my cell. Are there websites out there that charge to find a cell phone number? If so, what can I do so no one can look up my cell? Finally, why couldn't she find my aunt's and husband's cell but found mine?

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  • Bloody nose going on two months. Not sure why.?

    When I was little I used to get them a lot. They would come out of nowhere so I had my nose cordorized. (Sorry for the bad spelling) Recently, about two months ago, it started happening again but it's different.

    It's going to sound gross, but my nose is filled with boogers. They are dry, and if there are a lot I can't breathe. I usually use ointment and then blow. I don't pick, but I still look like an idiot sticking ointment up my nose.

    About three weeks ago I blew my nose, and this inch and a to describe it...thick thread looking thing appeared. I have no idea what it was. A few days ago I had another, but it wasn't as long.

    It started out in my left nostril, but now it's my right as well. I do have a doctors appointment next Wednesday, but I want to know if anyone else experienced this before? It's bleeding everyday, and I try not to fuss over it but it's annoying.

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  • Friend needs Child Support. What should she do?

    Her boyfriend moved out over the weekend. She has two kids, 2 and 4, and has no idea what to do, who to go to, and where to start.

    She lives in a house her father owns, but she pays for the utilities, bills, and any repairs. Her mother watches the kids when she works, but she pays her mom to watch them. (Her mom said that she doesn't mind watching them a weekend or two a month, but if it's an everyday thing then she either takes her kids to daycare or pays. Her kids = her responsibility. To me, it's fair)

    My friend works full time, and last I heard her husband works. I do not know if he works full time or not. She's been trying to contact the ex the past few days, but no response.

    My parents divorced, but that was years ago, and the law has changed since then. Their divorce was ugly, with child support and everything else. Lawyers and everything. She doesn't want to get a lawyer, and I know that with Child Support you don't really need one.

    She lives in NJ. She does not do computers well, so any links won't help. (She doesn't own a computer either, but I do. If there is anything that can be printed from the internet I can print for her, like forms)

    Thanks :)

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  • Sun Burn. I have this lotion?

    I know how to ease sun burn. It's more of a pain than anything.

    I went to a baseball game and got burned, mostly on the face. My nose is more red than the rest of my face. I forgot my baseball hat. D:

    Anyway, I have this hand lotion called Aquaphor, made by Eucerin. Not sure how many people have heard of this. It's good for dry, cracked, and irritated skin. On the back it says it's good for burns. Not sure if it's good on sun burn, or accidental burn by the stove. Active ingredient is Petrolatum.

    It's not a serious sun burn, maybe on the nose, and it does burn. I have aloe as well. The burn happened yesterday, and this weekend I'll be camping. (Joy) So the whole "stay out of the sun" really isn't an option. I'll be with my cousins, they like to swim, their parents not so fond of it, and my husband can't swim. So if the kids want to go swimming I have to go with them. (Ages 7 & 10)

    I am not sure if I should stop using it, started today, or keep using it.

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  • Getting a pug. Any important information?

    I will, hopefully, be getting a pug soon. We are adopting one from a pug rescue, and he has some little issues. He tends to pee around the house, but that habit can be easily broken. I have owned a German Shepard and a Shiz Tzu(spelling maybe bad) before, so I know how much work they are and issues with the breed.

    Pugs I know have breathing issues, and can't stand the heat. They also get allergies, and snore. They can get over weight, so food intake and play needs to be monitored. Like Shiz Tzu's, they can have eye problems, and I think their faces need to be cleaned with a q-tip. Not sure, but from research some websites say pugs faces need to be cleaned once a week. They shed, but most dogs do anyway.

    Is there any other information about the breed that I am missing?


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  • What's your favorite tattoo?

    I have 9 tattoos on my body, but there is always going to be a favorite. (Like a favorite parent or favorite child. Don't lie; it's true)

    On my ribcage I have Shenron (to some it's Shenlong. Really depends) from Dragonball Z on my ribcage. Yes, I am DBZ obsessed and loved the show since I was 12. I am 25 now. It only took six hours, bite marks on my arm, a few bruises from pinching my arm from the pain, but so worth it. It was worth the pain.

    So for all who have tattoos, which one would you say is your favorite?

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  • Infected piercing. Can I take it out?

    Got my nipples pierced in Oct last year. My left one is infected, so I started the sea salt baths to help the infection yesterday. My nipple is swollen, and sore. I will be taking Ibuprofen later to help the swelling later, and will do another salt bath when I get home from work. There is pus, but you only see it when you take the piercing out. (I did yesterday for a sea salt bath)

    My belly is pierced, but never had any problems with it being infected. My ears are pierced, and with them I can take out. (They've been pierced for years) Can I take out the one piercing for a couple of hours? I'm at work now, about 8:40am, and will be home at 5:30pm. I was hoping to keep it out until I get home, soak it, then put the piercing back in. It's a 14g, bar about 1/2 inch long. Will I also have to get a longer bar to help with swelling for the time being?

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  • My rats used to get along. What happened?

    I've had my rats for over a year. I adopted them together, and everything was peachy. I have two named Lucifer and Damion. (Weird names I know)

    About six months after I had them I noticed Lucifer was bleeding on his leg. I cleaned off his wound, and the cage. I separated him from Damion, so there would be anymore attacks. They were in a 20 or 30 gallon tank, so I upgraded them to an old ferret cage. (One of those tall ones with layers and ladders. There was also a wheel put in there) They were pretty happy with the room, but then Damion attacked Lucifer again. (I don't see the attacks. I just see the blood on the one rat) Once again, I separated them.

    Damion does have an eye issue where one is squinted. He has been to the vet for it, but there was nothing that they could really do.

    Lucifer is blind in one eye, but it doesn't bother him. He's nicer than Damion.

    It could be a dominate thing. First time rat owner. I want to try again, but I don't want Lucifer to keep getting attacked. I do not know what the sudden change was. I can understand the tank, but when I adopted them they said the tank was a good size for the rats. (I showed them what tank I had) I do have an outdoor pen. Should I try to let them out together to see how they are, then try them in a cage again?

    If that doesn't work then they can stay in separete cages.

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  • Band and singer help. Two songs, pretty good info.?

    I had the information before for the songs, and now I can't remember who sang it.

    The first one is a woman. I remember she was white and had short black hair, almost shaved. (not Shane O'Connor. I may have spelled her name wrong.) what I can remember is "I want you like a souvenir. I'm heading anywhere but here." Or something similar too that. I want to say she is foreign. I live in USA.

    The second one had the name "Monkey" in the band name. It was a weird name, but I remember most of the lyrics. They may be wrong, but I know it's pretty darn close. "It's spinning like a spiders web, not quite sure. It's sleeping like a sleeping bag with bed bugs at your toes. If everybody knows me what am I lonely lonely lonley lonely?"

    Google hasn't been my friend recently, and I heard these songs at work about 4 years ago.

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  • You cheated. Do you tell or keep quiet?

    I never did, but this is just a general question that I want other people's opinions on.

    When I was younger we had a family that lived next door. We all got along, going over each others house, eating dinner together, going places, yadda yadda yadda. The wife cheated on the husband, and she asked my dad what she should do. My dad said to not tell him, and to keep what she did to herself. Why hurt someone like that?

    She told her husband her act, and in return he cheated on her with her best friend. So their marriage ended in a divorce. My dad, every once and a while when we get on the subject, said that if I ever cheated to not say anything. He said to save it until I am on my death bed. (FYI my parents are divorced as well) My father never cheated, but my mom did. He kinda knew about her affairs, but didn't have much proof.

    Let's say you cheated. Do you tell your other half what you did, or do you keep it a secret so you don't hurt them? I have seen people cheat and not tell their other half, and they live happily together. I've also seen it where people cheat, tell their half, and both get hurt in the end. Is it really a good idea to keep quiet about cheating and live life normally?

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  • Not announcing your grandparents at you wedding. Disrespectful and rude?

    So here's my problem.

    My wedding is Saturday, the 16th of this month, and right now everything is down to the wire. I have grandparents flying from another state to come to my wedding. They are staying with my father and step-mother.

    My fiance has a step-grandmother, who he has known since he was born, and his biological grandmother. Their husbands, the grandmothers, all passed away. (This is from his mother's side. His mother passed away when he little FYI) His grandmother and grandfather from his father's side passed away as well. So he has his two grandmothers, and he's really only close to the step-grandmother. He said to make things simple not to announce the grandparents, which I was okay with.

    My step-mom, however, said that the grandparents should be announced, and since my grandparents are coming from out of state it would be disrespectful and rude if they weren't announced.(I asked her about it) She then ends it with, "it's your wedding and you can do whatever you want. I'm just adding my two cents."

    It's complicated, and she said that the grandparents should get corsages and bootaners. I already ordered the flowers and I did not order and flowers for them. (Kinda late now)

    I'm not sure what I should do. Should my fiance's grandparents be announced by themselves? They won't have an escort like my grandmother, since the step grandmother won't have any other family besides my fiance, and the other grandmother can't walk very well. I know it's MY wedding, and I see my grandmother once every other year, and I've seen my grandfather a total of three times. (I am 24) I don't know them as well, but I get along great with my grandmother. How can I be happy and make everyone else happy as well?

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