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  • Can we, the people, file a formal complaint with the ABA against AG Wm. Barr for ethics violations?

    An Attorney General is supposed to be OUR law enforcement official---not a toady for a corrupt lifts-wearing sociopathic President Trump. Barr has 3 relatives (at least) who worked at the DOJ when he was sworn in this year, a daughter (Mary Daly) and two sons-in-laws: Michael Daly, who still works for his dad-in-law AG Barr at National Security, and husband of Barr's youngest daughter Meg, Tyler McGaughey.  

    Trump is under multiple investigations at state levels for financial fraud, including engaging in massive money laundering for the Russian mafia through high end real estate deals that include (but are not limited to) Upper Manhattan's TRUMP SOHO. So where does AG Barr transfer his DOJ-employed daughter MARY DALY once he is sworn in?  Mary Daly is now at the TREASURY DEPT., serving on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit (FinCEN)---her daddy's inside-saboteur perhaps?  Son-in-law McGaughey was a U.S. Attorney for Virginia's Eastern District, but daddy-in-law Barr moved McGaughey over to the WHITE HOUSE COUNCIL'S OFFICE.  How is that in any way ETHICAL?  I think we should all file multiple complaints and go after AG Barr's license to practice the law he keeps violating.  Any takers?

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