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  • Why do I very briefly stop breathing at night as I am falling asleep?

    As I am falling asleep, sometimes I will "skip" a breath. It will last for less than a second, and it will happen as I am falling asleep, at the stage of sleep where those dreams of falling and jump waking back up happen. I do not believe it is sleep apnea; I had that as a child from oversized tonsils (now removed) & this is no where near that from what I remember of it, especially because the period of not breathing lasts way under what is normally considered for it. My partner has not noticed any change in my sleeping other than the insomnia I have developed.

    My insomnia developed due to my pregnancy, I am about 14 weeks along. This weird breathing thing has happened for at least a couple of months now. It is not my first pregnancy, I had twins almost exactly 2 years ago but did not experience this (although I did have the insomnia). It happens in a weird state of half-consciousness I always enter before I fall asleep due to my insomnia that I've never felt other than when experiencing the insomnia.

    It is a very odd sensation and one that I am not concerned about health-wise so I do not think a doctor's visit is necessary especially with everything going around, just pure curiousity but don't really know how to search it. I am curious if there are other things that may cause this besides sleep apnea. I tend to be very interested in how the human body works and it is the only reason I am asking, again no concerns for my baby or I.

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  • Why does my filtered water suddenly taste funny?

    I've had a Pür water pitcher with the built in filter for about 3 years now. We changed the filter recently like within the last month, and I noticed yesterday and today it has a strong smell and taste, almost like plastic. I'm pregnant and this smell is nauseating to me so I've tried regular tap water and it tastes fine, so I know it isn't the pipes in our apartment. Could it be a bad filter? I'm afraid my children and I are consuming harmful chemicals, it tastes so industrial.

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  • Do I have a concussion?

    Obviously I know only a doctor can truly diagnose me, but I'm not going to go to the hospital, I just want to see what others think.

    I was pulling a cord to an air purifier, getting it in position for the night. I pulled too hard thinking it had gotten caught and it comes up and flings me in the forehead, hitting me no more than a centimeter up from right in between my eyes. The grounding metal part (the bottom of the plug) is what actually came into contact with my head.

    Immediately it hurt quite bad and I had to pause what I was doing to temporarily wallow in pain. A goose egg the size of a quarter instantly formed as well. About 5 minutes later, I started feeling light headed, almost like I had a shot of espresso or am coming down from a marijuana high (I have no drugs in my system though). It was kind of hard for my eyes to focus on something, almost like they wanted to roll for the first hour or so after it happened and I am sleepy, though I was sleepy before hitting my head too, it's just gotten worse. No nausea or any other tell-tale signs of a concussion though except the lightheadedness.

    Any opinions welcome on why this happens, even though I am most likely not concussed. I am not medically concerned, rather curious as stupid as that may sound.

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  • What can be wrong with my shoulder?

    This is a follow-up from a previous post, if you want more detail.

    I injured my shoulder in 2011 falling down some stairs. I suspect I dislocated it but it popped back into socket right away so I didn't seek treatment. I had still experienced a lot of pain and have ever since experienced minor occasional pain in my shoulder blade I assume is from that.

    Last week or the week before, I was pushed, almost punched in the chest right on the border of my shoulder at a concert. It was hard enough to knock the wind out of me. It was sore for a few days in the same achy way my shoulder had hurt the last 8 years so I suspected it just irritated an old injury. It was probably a 3/10 pain-wise.

    A few days following the hit, in the same exact spot, my son's head hit me while he flailed in protest like toddlers do. The pain was instantly EXCRUCIATING. I couldn't even inhale, it hurt to just think. The pain radiated from my chest down to my finger tips. After a little bit, I could move it again but the pain was an 8/10. I couldn't sleep well for the next few days. I got an X-ray done shortly after posting my first question, and it isn't dislocated or anything. The X-ray was a dead end. The pain had subsided some, though with the loss of pain I gained a loss in mobility.

    I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon but that isn't until September 9th. I'd say it's back at an 8/10. I'll add more detail in an answer.

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  • How can I get stains out of a car seat?

    I bought a car seat that was gently used for about a year and I did proper research to make sure the seat was safe, not expired, no recalls, etc., but there are understandably some faded stains on the seat. She washed it so the stains are set in and I'm wondering if I could bleach it or something to get rid of the stains because they are worse in the sunlight and kind of unsightly. I don't care if it ruins the color of the carseat (it's a deep blue) I just want those gross stains gone.

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  • Best way to transport my goldfish?

    I have a 5 or 6 inch long, 1 or 2 inches wide big goldfish at my ex step dad s house. He has forbidden me to go to the house because of a really messy situation (he s basically guilty for something and is hiding because of it and the cops are involved). He put most of my other belongings in storage, but obviously the fish is still at his house. I am moving into a new apartment with my mom, 20 minutes away by car. I need to know what is the best way to transport the fish, and how do I get the new tank ready for it. My brother (who still lives where my fish is and agreed to help) has to be the one to put her in a container and I have to be outside of the house. I want to know the size container I need. I know I need to fill it a little with its water, but how high should the water be, and what are the chances of the fish dying? The tank is too small for it, and I have a bigger tank waiting for her, so I will not be taking it with me. Please, help me. I ve lost almost everything. I don t want to lose my fish.

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  • Help! I accidentally deleted all of my The Sims 3 games!?

    My saved games appear in the saved folder, but I was playing around and was deleting caches and files I don't need, and I went back to play my game and now there are no games! All of the files are in my Electronic Arts folder, but they aren't showing up in the game. What did I do?!

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  • Sims 3 athletic skill not improving?

    I have had The Sims 3 for my laptop for about 6 years and everything has run smoothly. I have a few mods, mostly just outfits and hair. I have a vampire and a fairy and they recently had triplets. The male vampire cannot improve his athletic skill to level 3 no matter how much I work him and I've tried bringing him to an athletic class, resetting the sim, and have had him try working out at the gym, at home, on the television, stereo, etc. Basically I followed all advice already online. He still will not gain skill which is very frustrating because I'm trying to make him an astronaut. The skill for the fairy will go up but not for him. Please help!

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  • Bedbugs: our worst nightmare?

    I moved into an apartment building four days ago with my boyfriend. We were both living with our respective parents our whole livesbefore we made this move. This morning my boyfriend woke up and saw a bed bug crawling on the carpet. I am positive it was one. We barely moved anything into the apartment, just his twin mattress that we were going to throw out anyway, and all of our clothes, along with a couple bags of our random stuff (no dressers or other furniture yet). He flushed it down the toilet so it wouldn't lay eggs and he called the landlord. Landlord said he wouldn't do anything unless we had proof, meaning catching one. He said however, if we want to move out he will give us all of our money back and tear up the lease. When we first got to the apartment the floors were and still are filthy. The carpets are horribly damaged, and I doubt the previous residents cleaned the whole time they lived here. We haven't been bitten yet as far as we can tell, but please, any advice or any comment at all would be so greatly appreciated. We are desperate.

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  • Cough that came back?

    About about three or four weeks ago I had gotten an itchy throat. I knew it was the start of a cold, and it was. Less than a week later I was weak, most likely running fever though I didn't check, and I had even fainted at a concert I went to (never before in my life had I fainted). I slept for a week straight and about three weeks ago I was back to my normal self. Then, two days ago the same exact symptoms started again. It starts in my throat, turning into a cough, then I feel the chest congestion a few days later, then it moves into my sinuses. The mucus is always clear, but this time around the symptoms came about much quicker and my cough is much worse. I went to the minute clinic a CVS just so I could get an excused absence from work and she diagnosed me with an upper respiratory viral infection. Could it be something worse because it came back? I have a bit of a shortness of breath now too. Sorry for typing so much I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

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  • Precalculus help please?

    Make the indicated trigonometric substitution in the given algebraic expression and simplify.

    Square root of 9-x^2


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  • Precalculus Question?

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans 5.6° from the vertical. A tourist stands 105 meters from its base, with the tower leaning directly toward her. She measures the angle of elevation to the top of the tower to be 29.2°. Find the length of the tower to the nearest meter.

    I'm not looking for someone to answer it for me, though you can do that too. Just need someone to tell me how to go about solving this. I know I have to draw a picture, but I'm stumped after that.

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  • Small bumps all over my body?

    I know you are going to say call a doctor but it is a Friday evening, so no.

    It started a few days ago with less than ten tiny itchy bumps on my right arm the same color as my skin. Everyday (especially if I scratch), more appear. I am getting them on my forearms, legs, but only past the knee, starting two days ago on the sides of my feet, and on the backs of my hands, but the ones on the backs of my hands are larger and look like small blisters. Oh, and I have one on my chest and a few on the back of my neck. Basically, anywhere my body may be "exposed" when wearing clothes. Don't know if that has to do with it, but that's what I noticed.

    Any ideas on what these could be will be greatly appreciated until I have to wait until Monday to call my doctor. Oh and I also had a Staph. infection about a month ago if that makes any difference (still a few bumps there, though I got antibiotics). The infection was/is between my thighs in case that has anything to do with it too.

    Skin Conditions6 years ago
  • My Sim won't age?

    I have a Sim who has a husband, twins, a son, and triplets (I know, but is what they wanted). The son is at the point in his life where he is supposed to change from teenager to young adult. I have tried the cheat, I have restarted the game multiple times, I have had him blow out his candles on a daily basis and after he blows out his candles he just keeps living as a teenager. I've even deleted the caches that another Yahoo Answers question had suggested. I've also tried extending the days so he could be a teenager longer and see if that would fix it. Nope. He is a werewolf also. The triplets during this weird time all aged on THEIR birthdays, so why isn't he? Any suggestions?

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  • I have a bump on my leg that is open now?

    It showed up about a year ago. It was the color of my skin except a little more red. It was painless and felt firm but not hard when I touched it. Then a couple of months ago it started drying out and itching me after I put apple cider vinegar on it. Then a few days ago the surface peeled off. I knocked it with the vinegar again hoping it was just the root of a wart. This made the bump very raw and itchy and the skin around it is swollen. Yesterday it was very yellow and around it was black. Now it is like a crater with a white filling that won't peel away without extreme pain so I doubt it is puss. Though I have been keeping it covered and it is secreting a yellowish brownish fluid it seems. What could it be? I have a doctor appointment in a week but I want to get some ideas on what it might be.

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions6 years ago
  • A strange bump on my leg?

    I have had this bump for about a year. It was painless and reddish. Then it started to itch a couple of months ago and began drying out. I thought it may be a wart so I put apple cider vinegar on it daily for like a week. Then a month or two later the surface turned whitish and peeled away. Now the wound is raw. I put apple cider vinegar on it again in case it was a wart to hit the root with it. Now around it is a little swollen and the border of it is black and the center is yellow and is slightly secreting some sort of liquid. I put a band aid on it and when I took the band aid off there was a yellowish sectetion. I also a couple of months ago started getting a couple of smaller bumps on my legs that are painless and resemble this one. What could it be?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions6 years ago
  • Please answer, animal testing?

    Do you condone animal testing? Why or why not?

    7 AnswersZoology7 years ago
  • Personal opinion regarding animal testing. One question. Please answer.?

    I need this for my statistics class. Do you condone animal testing at all, and what is the reason behind your answer?

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  • Survey, please answer. It is for my statistics class.?

    Do you condone animal testing? If no, why? If yes, why?

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  • Survey please answer for my class?

    Do you condone animal testing in any way, for medical purposes, cosmetic purposes, etc? If so, why? If not, why not?

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