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  • Why do I find larger type harder to read?

    I am a lawyer, and for years, I have prepared documents in Times Roman 12 font.  Recently, courts have required that I used larger type, such as Times Roman 13 or Times Roman 14.  Frankly, I find the larger type harder to read, especially while I am drafting the document on the word processer.  So what I do is prepare it in Times Roman 12 as usual, and then enlarge it to meet the requirements.

    If it makes a difference, I am nearsighted, and I need glasses for distance.  To read, I take the glasses off (I do not have bifocals).

    Is there any reason to explain why I find larger type harder to read?  Thanks.

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  • Did Clement Atlee "throw away the empire" by giving independence to India?

    According to Winston Churchill, Clement Atlee "threw away the empire" by allowing the Indians to be independent.  Churchill was inclined to the offhand opinion that India could be kept under British rule with just a few divisions.  Was Churchill correct?

    Wouldn't the correct course of action have been to hold another durbar and require the Indians to submit to and acknowledge the authority of King George VI?

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  • How Much Money Does Canada Waste Every Year Translating Everything into French?

    Not only the cost of paying translators, but the legal disputes that arise when the two texts conflict, as they inevitable will.

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  • Does the Roman Catholic Church Interfere with European Elections Like It Does in the United States?

    In the United States, the predominantly gay, child-abusing Roman Catholic church is constantly meddling in U.S. election, suggesting that persons who vote for a particular party should go to confession, deny Communion to candidates on account of their views on the issues, and declare that one issue transcends all others.  Does the Roman Catholic do this in Europe, where abortion is pretty much legal?  Would such activity by the church even be tolerated in Europe?

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  • Should Major League Baseball Abandon Divisional Play?

    Since there are 15 teams in each league, each team could play every other team 12 times (6 at home and 6 away) for a 168-game season. The first place team in each league would then meet in a best-of-seven World Series, and the winner of that would be the World Champion. Doing this would avoid the heresy of inter-league play, shorten the playoffs, avoid the ridiculous spectacle of playing the World Series partly in November, and return baseball to its pre-1969 tradition. Is there any reason why my plan cannot or should not be implemented?

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  • How is the Rotary Four-Way Test to be applied?

    The Rotary International “Four Way Test” is as follows:

    Is it the truth?

    Is it fair to all concerned?

    Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    How is the test supposed to be applied? Do the later questions supersede the earlier ones?

    If something is true, will it be disregarded if it is determined not to be “fair to all concerned”? If some is true and fair to all concerned, does the Rotarian fail to implement it if he determines that will not make him more friends? And if it is true, fair, and gains more friends, will it be abandoned if it is not beneficial?

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  • If a person has health insurance, does that make him a bad Christian?

    After all, shouldn't he be putting his faith in the Lord?

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  • Is the Catholic Church as obsessed with abortion in Europe as it is in the United States?

    In the United States, various Catholic priests and some bishops threaten Catholics who vote for "pro choice" candidates with excommunication and denial of the sacraments.  Does the church engage in such behavior in Europe?  In so-called "Catholic Europe" (e.g. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy) abortion has been legal for some time.  Does the Catholic church engage in political activity in those countries on the subject?  If not, why does it do so in the United States?

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  • Did the Mafia Have the Goods on J. Edgar Hoover?

    For many years, J. Edgar Hoover denied that there was such a thing as the Mafia or other form of organized crime.  Yet, it is generally recognized now that Gay Edgar Hoover was a homosexual crossdresser.  Did the Mafia find that out and use the information to blackmail him?  Or was there some other reason he denied the obvious?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 weeks ago
  • Why Do Persons Answering My Questions Criticize My Capitalization of Words?

    I consider the question to be the title of an article.  According to the Associated Press style guide, all major words in the title are capitalized.  Words like prepositions and conjunctions are not capitalized.  I am just following the standard rules on the subject, so what is the beef?

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  • Does James Buchanan Deserve More Credit Than He Gets?

    Buchanan is frequently criticized for doing nothing to prevent the secession of the Southern States.  But what was he supposed to do?  Go to war?  As Lincoln found out the hard way, that was no easy solution.  Also, Lincoln, in his First Inaugural Address, told the South that there could be no war unless they started it.  Is there any reason to suspect that Buchanan would not have responded to the Southern attack on Fort Sumter any differently than Lincoln, had it occurred during his Administration?  In December, 1860, Buchanan declined South Carolina's request for diplomatic recognition, something he could have done under the literal terms of the Constitution, and that prevented a lot of problems.  Further, in January, 1861, he sent the Star of the West, in an effort to reprovision Fort Sumter, but it turned back after being fired upon by the cadets of the Citadel.  So just what Buchanan supposed to have done that he failed to do?

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  • Why Do Canadians Add "Eh?" At The End of Every Sentence?

    Also, why do they create an echo chamber effect by asking a question, receiving an answer, and then saying "is it, eh?"  Do they doubt the answer they have received?

    20 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 weeks ago
  • What Right Do The Chinese Have to Require Us to Change the Spelling of Peking to Beijing?

    It is our language, after all.  If we want to transliterate the Chinese sound into "Peking," who are the Chinese to tell us that we cannot speak and write our own language as we wish?  

    Do the Austrians insist that we call their capital Wien instead of Vienna?  No.

    Do we tell the Spaniards to quit calling the Queen of England by the name of "Isabel" even though her name is actually Elizabeth?  No.  We all recognize that each of speaks his own language and leave it at that.

    Why do the Chinese have the special privilege of supervising English spelling?

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  • Is "Tu" Replacing "Usted" in Spanish?

    In other words, is is okay to address anyone as "tu" nowadays?

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  • What is the Subject of This Sentence?

    When I was in the fifth grade (1967-1968), we were asked to identify the subject of this sentence:

    Norful whigging of the stumfig will glug the gork.

    I think I have it figured out, but I wanted to see what others say.

    11 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 weeks ago
  • Is the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) Loyal to the United States?

    The reason I ask is that ACNA has adopted the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, which swears allegiance to King Charles II.

    Are the Anglicans not aware that we fought the Revolutionary War and gained our independence from the British Crown? Do the Anglicans support the restoration of the British monarchy in the United States? If they do, they are traitors.

    If Anglicans are going to hitch their wagon to a foreign prince, I would think they could come up with a better role model than Charles II.  He had 10 children, but no legitimate heirs.  Doesn't this show that the Anglicans are only about pretty liturgy and fancy vestments and no morals?

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