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  • Honor 7x to tv?

    I have a honor 7x Huawei phone, full data contract etc... Is there a cable I can buy to connect it to my TV for Netflix etc as don't have WiFi. All help gratefully received.. Not a very technical person 

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    Is this bite infected ?

    I got a bite about two weeks ago, itches like mad, and I have scratched it alot in my sleep, but it just doesn't leave, it's hard and raised and getting really red, I've been taking antihistamines.. No puss or anything, but clearly angry. 

    1 AnswerFirst Aid3 months ago
  • RAC black box acceleration ?

    My acceleration score is constantly on zero, everything else is fine... What am I missing? Don't drive like a loon

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 months ago
  • What's the benefit of Halifax ultimate reward mobile insurance ?

    I've received paper work asking me to recap/ensure I'm.. Up to date with my ultimate reward benefits /policies.

    Realised I've not actually updated them ever with the make model of my mobile (incase a claim ever needs to be made) but reading over their terms... I'm confused as to what would ever be a warrented claim in their eyes? I informs me that I'm NOT covered for theft, loss, damage or breakdown where I've 'knowingly' put the phone at risk. Does anybody knowingly have their phone stolen or broken etc etc? 

    So the question is, what does it cover? 

    Phone is fine, just made me wonder if it really is any kind of insurance. 

    Insurance6 months ago