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  • Nazi vs Stalin and Hirohito punishment?

    Why were the nazis treated so harshly at trial (not defending them) while stalin and hirohito remained free as a bird. I indeed Stalin's converted to the allies but this doesn't change the fact that he was responsible for more deaths than Hitler.

    16 AnswersHistory1 year ago
  • Planet fitness late payment?

    My payment was due today and I won t be able to pay it for 2 weeks. Can I still go until then?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Dream interpretation?

    The night before last I had a dream one of my teeth fell out and I was trying to shove it back in but my gums had closed up and I kept stabbing them with the tooth and could feel actual pain. Last night I dreamed my ear drum and tubes had fallen out and hanging out my left ear and I was trying to shove them back in and could feel very real intense pain.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation1 year ago