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  • Can I use an inline 3-prong "fan speed control" dial to control a freezer?

    Can I use a fan speed control, which is essentially an extension cord with a dial in it (which regulates the power that reaches the fan, and thus controls its speed) to help me control the temperature of my brewing freezer (which is meant to reach a warm-fridge/cool-room temperature (40-75 F))? I have seen dial controls around, but they tend to have a thermometer probe attached, which can regulate temperature based on what it senses inside.

    Ultimately my question is this: can I use an in-freezer thermometer to measure the temperature and dial it in with a fan controller dial until it is correct? Or, could I use a timer to turn it on full-tilt for a few minutes or an hour (or whatever is necessary to maintain the required temperature) at a time to control the temp?

    Of course, I've heard that some freezers are very versatile with no modifications (I'm getting this thing tonight, used, so I don't know a WHOLE lot about it, just trying to be prepared with other gear I may need).

    Thanks for all thoughts!

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  • Factory finish of WWII Japanese tanks?

    What was the color of the factory finish of Japanese tanks in WWII? Was camouflage applied at the factory, or not?

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  • Is there a reason to use pH 5.5 water to soak Grodan rockwool cubes before first use?

    Can I use pH 7.0 water instead? I have a lot more of that on hand since it comes out of the wall for free.

    1 AnswerBotany1 decade ago
  • Is there anywhere you can actually go to discuss spirituality?

    Is there anywhere one can go to discuss spirituality etc. on the internet where the people know not to ask the foolish questions they ask here.

    I'm tired of everyone coming up with ideas that are hardly unique, and asking them in effort to discredit or stir up people of other creeds on Yahoo! Answers.

    Is there anywhere a person can go to have an honest-to-god real philosophical debate?

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What do you think of the Gospel of Judas?

    Has anyone read the recently discovered Gospel of Judas? It's quite old, and dates to the early Christian era. It is a Sethian gnostic text, so it is quite out of keeping with modern Christian beliefs. Anyone have opinions, wish to discuss, etc?

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • How do you feel Buddhism should be classified?

    Buddhism has been put into various categories, ranging from "Religion" to "Philosophy." Where do you think it should be placed? Give reasons.

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  • Christians - What were you taught about Buddhism?

    I am curious as to what amount of detail Christian preachers/teachers/pastors, etc. have gone to in educating their flocks about Buddhism.

    What were you told?

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What did they use for soap in Feudal Japan?

    We've all heard of the importance of bathing in Japanese life that has a history stretching back centuries. But what on earth did they use for soap in the feudal era, pre-1868?

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  • Counter Strike Source crashes frequently?

    My copy of CS Source crashes a lot during level loading or during gameplay. My computer has a Radeon x800pro and a 3.6 GHz processor and 1GB RAM, so this is not a hardware issue. Anyone else have this trouble, any particular settings you changed to fix it?

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  • Free Website Builder?

    What program can I use to build a basic website IF I ALREADY OWN MY OWN DOMAIN.

    I just need a website builder.

    NO, I am not interested in geocities or angelfire etc, just a program.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Bansenshukai?

    Anyone have any idea where I can get a FULL english translation of the Bansenshukai? I have the entire thing in the feudal-era Japanese, but this is a long hard job to translate. While I would like to do so, an english source would help me iron out and more correctly translate it.

    2 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Ramen Noodles?

    Anyone have a good recipe for the actual ramen noodles. Like, to make the dough that you put through a noodle machine?

    5 AnswersEthnic Cuisine1 decade ago
  • Naruto manga raw?

    Anyone know where I can get raw japanese naruto manga without going to Japan? Maybe a download site?

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  • Ground Bay Leaves?

    I am making Garam Masala, a traditional spice in many well known indian dishes, and an integral part of many Japanese curry recipes (as well as many *other* curry recipes as well). Many recipes call for finely ground bay leaves as part of the recipe. Oddly enough, through all my years of cooking I have never received a truly united opinion about bay leaves.

    Are the hazardous to eat when finely ground?

    As far as I know, it is only eating them when they are whole or in large pieces that is dangerous, but I wanted to ask the experienced cooks out there.

    Any ideas?

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