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  • Why I can t find someone to love me back?

    I am 31 yrs old issue in life is simply love...I know its silly people r struggling and dying out there...but this issue really affecting my ability to live normally. All my life I was trying to find love but I couldn t. Every girl I showed interest in simply wasn t interested. I am not handsome but well represented a bit slim 170 cm tall tanned the point is not ugly...always well dressed hv a good career as an engineer and drives a nice and hv a life and a hobby which I am v good at. V gentle and kind..and I know hw to treat a lady...why am I always idea. I hv so much love to give..with no one to give to. I am that close of being antigirls...pretty much I almost lost faith in love.

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  • Why can't I find someone to love me?

    I am thirty. Successful engineer with a good carrier. Handsome enough & fit. Funny outgoing down to earth kind in a ridiculous way. Have a good taste in movies books and music. Have hobbies and I can draw like F da vinci.

    Always getting the typical u r a wonderful person and so kind bla bla but I cannot be more than ur friend shite. With heart broken twice I think I gave up on love.

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  • an amd ph2 x4 955 black edition readed only 800 mhz ?

    just got an amd ph2 x4 955 black edition with mb biostar ta790gx 128 m for moneywise purposes and the mother readed the processor as amd unkown type 800 mhz !! only so i updated the bios to the last update so it readed amd ph2 x4 955 processor but still 800 mhz it should read 3.2 ghz so any clues to rise the processor current performance and lock its full powers.....???

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  • what is the length of fire bricks heat insulator can i apply on a furnace with 1000 degree c?

    to lower the surface temperature and make it suitable for another type of insulators that works on lesser temperature to be used such as foam or whatever...

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  • incoming its a joke?

    a woman cheats on her husband with three guys each one of them has brought her a bag of fruite the husband suddenly comes back home he watches his wife with the three of them so he decided to but whatever gifts they brought her in thier a-s-s-e-s so he started with 1st guy who has brought her strawberry and he butted all the bag in his a-s-s one by one, 2nd guy has brought bananas so he butted it in his a-s-s one by one and the guy kept laughing the husband asks what makes u laugh idiot he answered i'm laughing at the 3rd idiot who brought a watermelon.

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  • if u dont like this one i wont tell jokes again?

    a blond went to a store in iraq 2 buy tv she asks how much does this tv cost?

    the seller says get outta here we dont sell to blonds , the blond painted her hair black and went back to the store and asked how much does this tv cost?

    the seller says get outta here we dont sell to blonds , the blond dressed the hejab and completly covered her body and went to the store and asked much does this tv cost? the seller says get outta here we dont sell to blonds the blond says how the hell did u know me ..the seller answers cuz its not tv its a fu***** waching machine.

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  • a new married joke?

    a man at his wedding day and he has never had sex be4 and doesnt know what 2 do his father tells him to keep his mobile phone open and he'll tell him what to do at last he is with his wife in the bed room the he calls the father who tells him

    F: take ur clothes off

    son : i did

    F: take her clothes off her

    son: i did

    F: jumb son the son jumbs from the open window and full in the sewers

    F: hello son how did u find it

    Son: **** dad

    F: turn her around u dum ***

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  • Joke rate it plz??

    a punch of guys are smoking ashprany in a tent that has two doors and they run out of matches so they send one of them to get some the guy walked out the tent and entered the tent again from the other door and said hey dudes do u have any matches the answered him no have a seat we sent a dude 2 get us some.

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  • they say islam is brutal then how would they descripe thier crusade on islamic world ?

    a religious war they say to free the holy land yeah kiss my **** whats brutality do they speak of we didnt conquer the world like roma, germany, england the sun empire do u know why the call it that haha,spain, japan,france and now the usa see the blood on ur hands before pointing 2 that on others hand.

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  • is it normal to feel that u despite ur life and wish u were some one else?

    most of times i have a feeling of displacement like i'm not supposed 2 be here, i ve never had a gf and my only experiance in love is the one sided love though i'm not a bad looking guy i'm just normal in every thing and this makes it even harder to me

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  • why lots of poeple think that muslims are terrorists?

    knowing that they r not, i've lived among them my whole life.

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