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  • Career in Hospitality and fear?

    I want to enter the Hospitality industry. I’m in school studying Hospitality and business. I am concerned with the outlook of lodging mangers. According to the BLS it is supposed to decline 12 percent. Will this go up eventually or is this a job that is slowly coming obsolete? I am also concerned with Air BnBs and traditional hotels like Marriot. Will Air BnBs bring an end to our traditional hotel and it’s employees? Besides Hotels what other aspects could I work in besides and tourism and food services?

    2 AnswersCorporations1 week ago
  • College Syllabus?

    When did College classes start handing out a syllabus? My grandparents had said when they were in college they did not have a syllabus. They graduated in in 1969 and 1972.

  • A.A.S transfer ?

    If I earn an Associates of Applied Science work in my field for a while, will my general education credits transfer to another community college if I wanted to get a different A.A.S? Would I have to submit a HS transcript again even though I would already have an A.A.S?

  • Jobs without a Bachelors degree? ?

    Will there always be jobs that will not require a bachelors degree. With automation it seems like jobs not requiring a Bachelors degree are drying up. 

    3 AnswersPolitics2 months ago
  • College transcripts after graduation ?

    How often will you need your college transcripts after you graduate? When you graduate does your school provide you with a couple of copies? 

    7 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • Technical schools past and future? ?

    I’m considering going to technical college perhaps for barbering. I am not quite sure yet. My question is will technical colleges continue to add new programs and training as various occupations are lost to automation? I am not quite sure about barbering and the chance of this happening. Where there programs at Technical Colleges that don’t exist anymore? 

    3 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • Employment by education level? ?

    I know that increasingly a High School diploma is no longer enough. Will it become obsolete in terms for employment? With College tuition so high, will this revive the jobs with just a high school diploma. In other words will employers start dropping the degree requirement? If we keep this up a College degree won’t mean anything anymore.

    9 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • Will less people go to college in the future? ?

    Will less people go to college into the future because of cost? I read that more and more companies are dropping degree requirements. Does this mean that the percentage of people with a 4 year degree will decline? Right now it stands at 35% in the USA

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance3 months ago
  • Value of a HS diploma? ?

    Has the HS diploma lost all value? Will it eventually become obsolete, no jobs available or will new jobs be generated that you can do with a HS diploma. For example some jobs may be new and Higher education may not have time to respond.

    8 AnswersTechnology3 months ago
  • Vocational Education in High Schools?

    Will Vocational/career education make a come back in USA HS? How does it exactly work? When a student graduates are they able to be employed? Can that student still go to college even through they may have a technical diploma and not a standard 

    1 AnswerPrimary & Secondary Education3 months ago
  • Degree Inflation, slow down?

    Increasingly a Bachelors degree is the new HS diploma. Will we reach a point were a Masters is the new HS diploma? Will this slow down? To me this is concerning because I’m in college right now. I just feel like it will be worth nothing eventually 

    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)3 months ago
  • Community College no HS transcript?

    If someone graduated from a Private High School and that school closed down and they can’t get their transcript, will a community college accepted just a photo copy of the diploma since it may not be possible to get a transcript from a closed Private High School? Again this is for Private not public

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education3 months ago
  • How often will I need my HS transcript? ?

    How often will I need my HS transcript in employment, various things? If a private High School closes, can you request that your employer hold onto your transcript permently since it may not be possible to get them later

    8 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education3 months ago
  • Transcripts when Schools Closed? ?

    If I go to a private High School and the Private School closes where are transcripts sent? Again this is for a Private High School. Secondly if a College Closes are they required to notify Alumni by Law where the transcripts will be sent?

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education3 months ago