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  • What Book series would you never want to see made into a movie?

    What book series and why wouldn't you want to see it on film?

    I'd hate to see the Anita Blake series, by Laurell K. Hamilton, in movie form. I just don't think they could ever find the right people to play the main characters and do them justice.

    I think I just like the books too much to want to see them through Hollywood's eyes.

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  • Why is it marriage if an Atheist and a Pagan get married?

    Here's the background:

    My husband is an Atheist and I'm Pagan. We don't believe in any form of the Christian God and actually asked the Judge who married us at the County Courthouse to remove all mention of God or religion from our service. We've been together now for 13 years, 9 of them married.

    Why is it that the two of us, who specifically requested that no Religion be involved are still "married", but two gay people who may actually believe in a Christian deity aren't being allowed to be married due to mostly religious reasons?

    Wouldn't it be easier if we had a separate name for legal "marriages" in the US other than Marriage, like Civil Union I guess, and keep Marriage as a separate religious term like Baptism or Communion?

    If anyone could have the legal rights involved in a "marriage" including the tax breaks and legal standing for children etc. by having a legal document like a marriage license gives them now, and we left "Marriage" up to those who want a church wedding of some sort but it held no standing outside of the church.....Would that keep everyone happy?

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  • Has Anybody noticed that just before any primary Hillary wants to win, all these Anti-Obama questions show up?

    Seriously, every Primary or caucus Hillary and crew think she has to win, I hop on here and see all the old "Obama is a Muslim", "Obama won't Pledge Allegiance to the Flag", "Obama is a terrorist plant" and they are all from people who just joined or have an account that's only a few months old at most.

    Does the Hillary Clinton team really think that Yahoo Answers is the way to scare people into voting for her or does she just have over zealous supporters who think we're all too stupid to do any research before we vote?

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