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  • Fight between mom and daughter?

    Today. My fiance and daughter got into a fight because the daughter is very disobedient. My fiance lost the fight. I stood there and let it happen because her daughter is not my child and the last time I came in between both of them, they both chewed me out. So this time I didn't do anything and now my fiance mad at me for not helping. Am I wrong? Is there anything else that could have been done? 

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  • Taking multiple medications that may interact with each other?

    How long do I have to wait in between taking two different medications that may interact with each other

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  • Engine overheats. 04 impala 3.8?

    I need some help and I don't know where to turn. The vehicle has 188,000 miles. Everything in the cooling system has been replaced. Head gasket, intake manifold, radiator, radiator cap, both coolant hose, coolant temperature sensor, water , thermostat and radiator fan assembly. car runs fine. But it runs a little bit on the higher side of normal, around 220 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit when idling around 220 maxx when driving and the fans are running. I believe it kicks on when the gauge cross is halfway. I don't know what else it could be, could someone please give me a little assistance

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  • Paying kids to do chores?

    Should we pay our children to do chores? I'm asking this because over the last few years I've heard a few parents say that they pay their children to do chores every time. I don't necessarily agree with that. I remember growing up and my parents told me to do chores and I did them. I knew if I didn't do them there were consequences and plus I did them because they were in charge of my life by raising me and giving me everything I wanted and needed. But nowadays it seems like parents brive their kids to do chores. In my opinion, if you have to bribe for pay your kids to do something then you are not in control, the kids is in control. It's like if your supervisor at work tells you to do something, chances are and you do it because they are in control. If you don't do it and you can get away with it then you are in control which probably rarely or ever happens. Now I can see occasionally rewarding your kids because of their hard work but I don't agree with paying them. I have a daughter. She's home during the summer while I'm at work. When I come home everyday the dishes are washed, the floor swept or mopped. Carpet is vacuumed as needed ... What do you all think

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  • Car run a little hotter than usual. but why?

    when idle, the car runs around 203-207 F. But when driving, the temp creeps up slowly to 221 over 5-10 minutes maybe. Everything in the cooling system been replaces. Water pump, radiator, cooling fans, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, radiator cap, hoses...ect. you get the picture but i am curious on why it run at 221 constantly. the manual stated normal operating temps are 210 F. i have 2 other cars and they both run 210 or 205 but 221 is a little high and plus the temp gauge is on the next notch above half. i keep an exact temp using my scan tool

    2004 impala. 3.8

    186,000 miles

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  • Car overheating but not running hot?

    2004 Chevrolet Impala, 3.8 engine

    What causes your car to overheat while driving but as soon as you park, a few minutes later the temperature comes down. When I am driving it, it runs around 106 degrees Celsius or about 224 degrees Fahrenheit steadily. To me, that's a little high considering most of my other cars ran around 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Every single thing in the cooling system has been replaced. Replace thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, radiator, cooling fans, water pump, coolant, radiator hose and head gasket. Someone just help me out with this please. I put a 180 thermostat in but it still climbs up the 224 within 20 minutes of driving

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  • Car overheats, a little. Assistance please?

    2004 impala 3.8 186,000 miles

    I had an overheating issue when my car ran hot. I replaced the head gasket, water pump, radiator, cooling fans, upper and lower radiator hose, intake manifold, thermostat, coolant temperature sensor. Out of all of that, I'm still having a little issue. It's not overheating anymore but my temperature gauge Rises after maybe 10 to 15 minutes of driving above speeds of 60 on the highway. I have my scan tool hooked up and my coolant temperature is around 217 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. My fan kicks on at 220 degrees Fahrenheit so that's probably why it doesn't get any higher but it shouldn't be that high while driving at high speeds. I can come to a stop and let my car sit idling and within 2 or 3 minutes my car temperature Within blower to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. A bleed air out of the system. All of my coolant is topped off in my radiator and coolant reservoir. I was using a 50/50 mixture of coolant. So can someone tell me or give me any kind of assistance on why my temperature rises when driving.

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  • Im getting consistent migraines all of a sudden. Help me.?

    All of a sudden usually at night time around 9 p.m. I will get a headache starting to come on for the last 2 weeks. This is everyday. A few occasions it hasn't happened at night time but when I wake up in the morning I have a headache. It hurts badly to where I can't walk, can't have light on, hurts when I lay down sometime, in the pain spots are behind my eyes all the way back to the back of my head and it just pounds and pounds into the pain eases away. I want to go to the doctor but my regular doctor is out for surgery and won't be back until the second week in January so I've been trying to get by by taking Excedrin Migraine or Advil Migraine everyday. Do anyone know why I could be having this issue

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  • Attachment image

    To start android, Please enter your password:error?

    today my phone did a automatic update. after it was finish, it rebooted and that message :To start android, Please enter your password" came up. i only had a fingerprint password and a pin for backup. i entered the pin several times, it didn't work. can someone help me get past this screen without deleting everything

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • New router. Can't not broadcasting 5gz. Help me?

    I have a netgear nighthawk 1750. 2.4gz works fine but no matter what phone or computer i use, i can't find 5gz wifi signal. I logged back into my router configuration page and overlooked the settings. Everything is right. i have a check mark beside enable ssid broadcast but its not broadcasting. only broadcasting the 2.4gz

    2 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago
  • Why do i feel like i shouldn't vote this yr?

    THese two are the worst candidates ive seen in my whole life of voting. ! candidate you can't take nothing they say serious and the other you can't trust. My instincts tell me Clinton going to win. Just like with every other candidate that ran, my instincts was always right so does my vote really count or is it rigged?

    2 AnswersElections4 years ago
  • I need help!!! I keep talking to women online?

    I am engaged to a beautiful and wonderful woman who has clearly done anything wrong. We have 1 child together who also means the world to me. But i have a bad habit. Talking to women online or some sort of texting. I don't want to because i don't want to dissapoint her when she finds out but its like a habit, like a crack head addicted to crack. Of course ill go 3-4 months without doing it but sooner or later ill go right back to it. I will talk to them, get they phone number and then just disappear out they life. I've never actually text or called any of them. I dont' want to leave my lady. I love her but this thrill talking to another woman getting on my nerves. Ive tried deleting profiles. few months later ill convince myself ill create another one for 1 day, 1 day turns into 4 weeks until she finds out. And its usually when the home isn't happy. I like peace. when its not peace, i like ro resolve the issue asap. well she's very dramatic and sensitive. everything gets to her and upsets her so she's always fussing or wanting to argue. Never wants to talk it out. When it happens to often & the pressure builds up, Ill go talk to other women to make me feel better and that gets me through the day. Now im not blaming her for my actions. Im just telling you why i do what i do. PLz someone help me. I do want to stop

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  • I need help, potty training a girl 28 months?

    She goes to daycare, they state she usees the potty there 3 times a day on there schedule. When she gets home or on weekends i try to keep it going but she acts like she dont want to and always start crying when i bring up potty time. I tried bribes, i tried letting het sit on her potty for a whole hour even when her pull hep has been dry for 3 hours, she still didnt potty. Hthis has been going on 6 months probably. I need help.

    10 AnswersToddler & Preschooler4 years ago
  • Freon leak, im hot!!, someone help?

    2009 impala SS 101,000 miles, 5.3

    I notice this year i had a leak. I refill my system every 2 months seem like cause freon will be gone. 3 weeks ago i filled my car up wit freon to around 40 on the guage. I drove my car twice in 3 weeks and i been deiving my other car alot. I get back in it today, freon gone! How does it leave so fast when i havent even drove it yet hardly?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • My car jumps/jerks when i drive it?

    2004 impala 166,000 miles

    This problem started recently, i really never had any problems with the car. The slower i go, the harder it kick/jerk. the faster i go, the lighter the kick/jerk. Seems like its coming from the engine. Its not the transmission because its not happening when it shift gears. I an be on the interstate going 70 on cruise and it will kick every so often, like every 2-4 minutes. RPMs will rise slightly for a half sec. Or i can jus be pulling off at the relight accelerating doing 20 and it will kick a little harder, RPMs rise like a whole number for a half second. One time in the drive through while in park, the RPMs rose slightly, engine kicked and car cut off. It cranked right back up though.

    does anyone know what this issue could be or help me with it any?.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • On going tv shoes?

    What do u call a tv show like walking dead or scandal where the episode picks up off the last episode and not starts over...

    1 AnswerOther - Television5 years ago
  • car aftermarket cd player plays, no sound?

    Pioneer cd player

    Everything plays, tuner plays, cd plays. Mp3 plays. Just no sound. So i thought the radio was bad. So i replaced it. Installed a new one...same problem! No sound so i returned da new radio cause obviously its nothing wrong with the one i have. So since its not the player, what may the problem be then? i even tried pluggin headphones in the jack of the old and new cd player and still got no sound through headphones

    3 AnswersCar Audio5 years ago
  • bad kid, need help?

    Boy, he is 9. He is terrible. Cursing, breaks stuff, disrespectful towards parents and grandparents. He is very sneaky with it too. But i notice when he is good, its when u bribe him. Example. "If u be good all dis week, u get to go to da mall and buy a toy" but i font like the "bribe" method. As a adult, u shouldn t have to basically beg a child through gifts to do what u say. This is my sister son, no father around as usual but he is out of control so i need advice on what to do, besides bribing

    5 AnswersFamily5 years ago
  • car stereo plays, no sound?

    Pioneer cd player

    Everything plays, tuner plays, cd plays. Mp3 plays. Just no sound. So i thought the radio was bad. So i replaced it. Installed a new one...same problem! No sound so i returned da new radio cause obviously its nothing wrong with the one i have. So since its not the player, what may the problem be then?

    1 AnswerCar Audio5 years ago
  • Car stereo, no sound.?

    Pioneer cd player

    Everything plays, tuner plays, cd plays. Mp3 plays. Just no sound. So i thought the radio was bad. So i replaced it. Installed a new one...same problem! No sound so i retuurned da new radio cause obviously its nothing wrong with the one i have. So since its not the player, what may the problem be then?

    1 AnswerCar Audio5 years ago