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  • How to contact the CEO of orange?

    Does anyone know how to contact the CEO of Orange UK? I want to make a complaint about the abysmal service that they have provided to me recently. I am a contract holder (since 1999) and i also fund 3 PAYG handsets, and after hours on the phone to customer services agents and team leaders, my problem still isn't fully resolved. I tried to email but it was immediately returned stating that they are updating their email or some other drivel (it was saying that when I tried to email them in back in June) And I want to skip the standard response and excuses from the complaints team if I write to them.

    Any ideas anyone?

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  • Is this fair? Friend / Money issue?

    Recently my friends car failed it's MOT and he could not afford to have it fixed, so he scrapped it. After paying off a debt to another friend he was left with £50, no car and a job that requires him to drive there as public transport wouldn't get him there in time (rural area, few buses).

    He saw a car for £150 with tax and mot, that would last him long enough to be able to save for something better. He has a really bad credit rating, can't get an overdraft, and nobody else would lend him anything as he is terrible with money. He only had the £50, and so he came to me to ask for the £100 as a loan. It left me pretty short of cash myself, but I lent it to him anyway, as he really needed the car, and I didn't want him to lose his job! (one of MANY times i have helped him out of the sh*t!)

    After he had owned it for only a week, the car was hit by another car when it was parked outside his house. It was completely written off, and the other drivers insurance agreed to pay out for it.

    He recieved £1615....

    When he told me, I was happy that he got a good payout, but was quite disappointed that he didn't offer to share his luck with me, afterall, if I hadn't lent him the money, he wouldn't have had the car, and he would have lost his job. His (unemployed) mother says I don't deserve anything other than my money back (she took £350 off him to settle a debt for a repair on her own car though!) I paid for 2/3 of the car, but I am not greedy. I would be happy with getting the £100 I lent him, plus £100 so I double my money, and he comes away with £1415 for a £50 investment. (28 times what he invested!)

    Am I wrong to expect a little of the payout?

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  • Problems with CPU cooling fan fault... ?

    I have an HP Media Center PC that keeps turning itself off as soon as you start it up, showing an error message that the CPU fan is not working and that the PC should be serviced immediately to prevent damage. I have opened the casing and found that there are 2 fans, both are working. Can anyone help me figure out why i am getting this message, and how to rectify the problem. many thanks :-)

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  • why is it that...???

    When a human kills another human, they have the right to a fair trail, and the possibility to freedom, life imprisonment or, death, if convicted.... when, if an animal kills a human for example the tiger in the US recently, or the Rottweiller in the UK.... especially when a human should be capable of understanding right from wrong, and an animal acts on instinct... why do we, as humans readily kill animals who hurt or kill humans, and not give them a chance? could we not simply sedate them and put them into a zoo / animal park? if a human knows better, and is deemed to deserve a chance, why can't we give that chance to animals?

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  • Is this funny, or stupid?

    I was told this joke recently, and i don't find it funny at all. The Girl who told it to me insists that it is, and that everybody else she has told it to has found it funny.

    so... Q. Why is a woman more intelligent when she has sex?

    A. because she is connected to the central computer.

    I don't need explainations, or comments, just a simple YES if it is funny, or NO if it isn't. thanks :-)

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