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  • is rice writing a thing outside of canada?

    so im from toronto, have never permanently lived anywhere else and have never left canada, and theres this thing that you see sometimes at touristy-type places (things like fairs, markets, outside/in tourist attractions) where people will write on grains of rice. ive seen it in places other than toronto, but like i said ive never left the country so ive obviously never seen it outside of canada.

    i always assumed this was just one of those things that people do, or maybe that it was from a certain culture and had just become appropriated into another thing to overcharge tourists for. but i mentioned this to an american friend and she told me she had no idea what she was talking about. i thought maybe this was just her, so i put out a post on my instagram (i have a moderate amount of friends/mutuals from other countries) and everyone else said that they had never heard of this, but all of the canadians seemed to know what i was talking about.

    is this just a coincidence, or is this something that originated in canada/is generally just far more popular here for some reason. sorry if this comes off as ignorant, i dont mean to be obtuse. im just very curious about this.

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  • does anyone know this book?

    It was a book i was obsessed with in about the early 2010s. It was rather short, probably at the reading level of about a fifth grader? (my reading level advanced faster than my tastes as a child, so i'm not really sure). it featured a young girl that finds a cabin in the woods that is locked, but she can see walpaper inside that looks like a forest. she eventually gets into the house (she either breaks in, or obtains the key through mysterious circumstances, im not sure). once she gets in, she ends up traveling into the wallpaper, where she meets another girl (i think she looks just like her, but i can't recall). wallpaper-girl (WG) leads her through the wallpaper woods, and they play together and have picnics, and there is the same cabin there. every day, she comes back to the cabin and goes a little bit farter into the wallpaper world, until eventually she goes into the cabin in the wallpaper. what ends up happening is that she ends up trapped in an inception of the wallpaper in the cabin, and WG somehow leaves and takes her place in the real world. the cover was an illustration of her standing in the woods and looking in the window of the cabin. i remember this book very vividly, but am fuzzy on some of the finer details, so it is possible some of this is wrong. if you know a book that is similar to this, please let me know.

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  • good plces to meet people amongst COVID19 panic?

    are there any good places online where you can interact with other people in a non-sexual way? either low-effort multiplayer games or chat services? i know omegle is a good option but ive been on there before and seen enough dicks to last me a lifetime lol. any sugesstions?

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  • MSVCR120.dll issues?

    I am trying to download origin on to my computer (windows 10, 64-byte cpu) and the program you have to download and open to properly download origin will not open. the error messge it displays is that MSVCR120.dll is missing (screenshot attached). I have downloaded multiple different MSVCR files that are supposedly correct for my computer, but nothing is working. during the process of trying to get one working, i was running a ommand that one website had said was to "deactivate the problematic MSVCR file" or something along those lines, but it was telling me i had no problems with my MSVCR file. i have very little knowledge of technology, and i do not know what to do. any advice?

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