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  • How much does Starbucks barista get paid? ?

    I’m currently working at grocery store, but I’m tired of working there. I was thinking to work at Starbucks but how much do they make in an hour? 

    I mean I live in california

    7 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks7 months ago
  • Volunteering with animals for kids?

    Hello, so I have a 6 year old brother and I want to help him volunteer. He watches a lot of animal shows his favorite cartoon is Wild Kratts which is basically the kratt brothers saving animals. He says he wants to become a scientist when he grows up. He is a bright smart kid a little active but he’s great! Unfortunately we can’t travel at the moment due to financial reasons.

    Does anyone know any good projects or organization that will allow for him to volunteer with my presence? Any websites or information is useful. I love in calinfornia Los Ángeles and I tried the zoo but it requires 16+ .

    3 AnswersCommunity Service1 year ago
  • How to start cleaning my room?

    I have a problem when it comes to cleaning my room its been dirty since 2014? I don't have the motivation to clean it. I'll start cleaning it but wont finish and the mess continues. Where do i start?

    How do i get rid of old clothes? can i get compensated to buy new clothes?

    6 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 year ago
  • Trying to learn a new instrument!?

    Hi, i'm trying to learn a new instrument but know nothing about instrument. When I was in grade school I played the violin for 2 years I kind of forgot how to play it. I was thinking either the drums or the guitar because they sound awesome! If i would to do the guitar whats the difference between bass, acoustic, electric/pedal, amps, ukulele? I know how they look and sound but what is your best recommendation?

    I like all kinds of music mostly alternative rock, indie, pop. I want to learn for the sake off learning, I'm open to learning other instruments if cheaper but those 2 are ideal.

    5 AnswersRock and Pop1 year ago