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  • Do you agree with republican Chuck Grassley? He said the working class doesn t deserve tax breaks like the rich.?

    The working class only spend their money on booze,women or movies.

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  • Why do some women with kids get mad when you do not want to date them?

    I'm in my 30s and it seems I get hit on by women that already have kids. That's ok but most get upset when I tell them I don't date women with kids. I know in my 30s most women have kids. I had a vasectomy years ago because I don't want any kids of my own. Why would I want to help raise some other man's kid. When I tell them this they tell me I'm selfish. I may be but I'm happy and content with my life. It seems the only ppl not happy with my life is the ones who don't have to live it. My best friend who is a female says because I'm bitter that I was rejected by most women when I was younger. I tell her deep down maybe I am but also they rejected me for whatever reason now I can do the same. They also get mad when they find out my girlfriend is 20 yrs. old. My best friend and her friends hate that. None of them even thought of me that way before now why all of a sudden they care?

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