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  • Is it possible to have a life changing / mood changing poop? ?

    If you have a bowel movement is there any proof that you can get into a good mood from it? Like cats go nuts from pooping so 

    1 AnswerCats2 weeks ago
  • How does the world make it so far without new virus development?

    I'm honestly just curious, and would be interested in other people’s thoughts and perspectives on all of this. How have we as a world and a society avoided having pandemics for so long then have one now? I know that animals can have gnarly viruses and bring about other reactions from humans or animals that eat them, I’m just curious how corona hasn’t developed sooner as well? How have we been so “lucky” years prior to not have an outbreak of corona or something worse?

    2 AnswersBiology2 weeks ago
  • Ways to relax before and during an MRI?

    I have a disorder called tuberous sclerosis and I need yearly MRIs.. I got so anxious this last one and think I was having a panic attack or anxiety ask in it.. I've had them done since I was a kid so I have deep rooted anxiety with going to get one.. is there any way to relax before one? Can I request a sedative from my PCP for this? I wouldn't wish the anxiety I got during the scan on anyone..

    17 AnswersMental Health2 months ago
  • How do you know if you’re codependent in a relationship?

    I think I may be codependent... for the past liiiike 5 years I’ve been around guys (I’m bi) who have had alcohol issues, multiple DUIs, addiction, condescending attitudes and I still tried to make things work for a while.. the last one put me through the absolute ringer.. but anyways I feel so compelled to keep finding a guy to date EVEN AFTER ALL OF THIS.. like I can’t even make logic out of this.. My friends all told me I don’t respect myself enough (if any at all..) I never had a great self esteem or confidence in myself.. does anyone have experience in being one or being in a relationship with one? I feel compelled to seek help for this..

    Psychology2 months ago
  • Nose piercing bump solution?

    I've had my nose pierced for like 7+ months. So I got it and had the typical bump that went away with tea tree oil.. I got this bump that came under the jewelery at some point.. so my nose Jewel is elevated partially.. I do unfortunately sleep on my stomach. Clean it pretty regularly. This one doesn't react to anything i do to get rid of it.. What're some solutions to getting rid of the bump? 

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body3 months ago
  • Small white buildup on teeth in the morning?

    I’ve been noticing more recently that I have little white splotches on my teeth.. I can pick them off with a floss pick and They’re very soft.. sometimes it blends right in to the color of my teeth as well.. I floss 1-2 times a day usually, use sensitive toothpaste with fluoride and the other needed compound for teeth repair, I use mouthwash with fluoride as well.. I’m so confused though.. I grindr my teeth but wear a mouth guard on most nights.. I don’t eat that much sugar honestly in my diet.. I’m really confused with what’s going on?.. is this hypcalcification?

    Dental4 months ago
  • How do I relieve sensitive teeth?

    I had a deep filling around a year or so ago filled, so I grind my teeth and per the doctor order, I now use a mouth guard.. it didn’t work the greatest so now I use a hard plastic one that elevates the back teeth so the rest don’t touch.. I floss daily sometimes twice, use mouthwash with fluoride, use sensitive toothpaste, I even oil pull daily.. I just don’t know what is going on.. every time I see my dentist they always say my teeth look fine.. I’m going crazy bc I feel like I’m doing everything there is to do.. I don’t drink soda and rinse my mouth out after I have coffee.. 

    2 AnswersDental5 months ago
  • What’re good diet cat food brands?

    I have A 7 year old female cat whose overweight.. feed her 2/3 a cup of dry food with pumpkin puree when I'm around A DAY.. Morning 1/3 night 1/3... It's diet iams mixed with Purina diet cat food but she zips through the Purina quickly... Idk what to do I play with her when she wants to.. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.. She came from a rough home and I just wanna give her the best I can

    4 AnswersCats7 months ago
  • How do you know if you need a root canal?

    I got a cavity filled in a back tooth / near the molars and since then my tooth has KILLED.. i used to drink ice cold water.. can’t anymore.. if I eat cereal on a wrong day/when it’s acting up I’m screwed it hurts SOO much.. I have no idea what the hell to do.. I saw my dentist about it once and she said it was bc it was so deep of a filling and that everything’s fine.. I had this pain for a while longer and then I saw her again for a checkup and told her about the pain and she filled the side of the tooth giving me issues.. here I am now having the pain still.. w t f.. I floss and use sensitive toothpaste and a good mouthwash..

    2 AnswersDental8 months ago
  • Can an infected ear piercing cause cold or flu symptoms?

    I had an infected ear piercing and now I feel like I have a cold or flu.. ache all over, little congestion, have to clear my throat often.. feel very tired

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases11 months ago
  • Is my ear piercing getting rejected ?

    So I got my ear pierced in liiiiike October.. I cleaned it pretty regularly when I got it and I did sorta forget to after.. I woke up two days ago to my ear a little bloddy and very swollen/red.. my ear piercing is very small and my ear was so swollen it looked like it was swallowing my ear jewel... I cleaned it and everything cause I thought it was infected.. put bacitration over night.. I woke up to my ear jewel basically almost out of my ear.. the back of the jewel was basically inside of my ear and the backside of the piercing was healed it looked while the front side is still open.. I felt cold like symptoms as this all occured so its def infected 

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body11 months ago
  • Is accutane safe? Alternatives?

    So I have cystic acne due to seizure medication I’m taking.. struggled with acne and it’s now at a “manageable” / not bad state but it could be better.. I’ve tried a lot in my time so my dermatologist who works with my neurologist team suggested trying accutane.. the PA who prescribed me accutane ended the appointment today with “hopefully you won’t have a seizure with accutane” which didn’t sit well with me as well as the multiple articles online about epilepsy and the drug.. I’ve only ever gotten seizures in recent years due to lack of sleep or stress.. besides the one breakthrough grand mal seizure I had years ago..I just wanted others thoughts or opinions or suggestions on alternatives if accutane is that bad ? 

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions1 year ago
  • Reused a condom during anal?

    So I got used and topped a guy, we took mini breaks during sex for like 5 minutes if that. We got down to one condom and used it again since it was such short durations of breaks. I just started getting out there in terms of hookups and such, do I have any reason to be concerned for stds or HIV risks if I reused a condom and it wasn’t like an hour long bang session?

    1 AnswerSTDs1 year ago
  • What’s a good face serum that reduces redness?

    So right now I use two serums on my face and it’s kind of a pain.. I was trying to find out what people who have light skin and sometimes redness and red acne do to reduce the color.. I use a recovery serum and a glycolic acid serum.. is there an all in one people use ?

  • Condom fell off during anal sex, any risks?

    I’m clean but I was having gay anal and the condom fell off. Are there any risks with what happened? I did not *** and wasn’t overly turned on.. he was also clean and on prep as well.

  • Is the college class statistics hard?

    I have a learning disability and have been avoiding math for a while.. if I want a bachelor's of most kind I need statistics.. I was terrible with the online program we use called my math lab and struggled in the pre college math classes..

  • 2019 rav4, Honda CR-V, or Mazda CX-5?

    My mom has a 2010 Ford Escape which sucks.. I’m trying to persuade her into a more reliable car that’s brand new with awd.. we live in Massachusetts so we need it.. she isn’t big on a heavy loan for the car and is pretty much just the person that needs a reliable car with awd.. nothing special.. the Mazda was the least expensive, the rav4 looked to be the most expensive and the crv was in the middle.. people say Mazda is weird with reliability but idk I have one and it’s a year older than her car now and seemed more reliable..

    1 AnswerBuying & Selling1 year ago
  • Ants in my room after I vacuumed? Why and how do I get rid of them?

    I’m on the second floor in my house and I vacuumed my room not too long ago.. I’ve been finding big black ants in there now.. I don’t have open food in there.. I work near a fish market at my job so idk if my clothes smell and that attracts them? The most I have in my room at the moment is an empty bottle or sparkling which is closed.. I’m so confused as to why they’re in my room?..

    3 AnswersOther - Home & Garden2 years ago
  • Do you need to bleach your hair if it’s dirty blonde?

    I have dirty blonde hair and want to dye it dark grey temporarily/semi permanent using a shampoo that’s supposed to put the color into your hair.. would I still need to bleach my hair before though?

    4 AnswersHair2 years ago
  • Is it easy to dye hair grey/silver at home for a first timer ?

    Hiii I’m a guy 23 years old and I’ve NEVER dyed my hair and I have sensitive skin and dandruff if that means anything.. I want to change my hair from a dirty blonde/very blonde in the summer to a grey or silver look.. I wanna do semi permanent so it’s not on my hair for forever.. I was just wondering if it’s easy enough to do at home or should I see a salon about this?

    12 AnswersHair2 years ago