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Huge book collector, movie buff, music enthusiast, artist, writer & photographer. I go nowhere w/ my iPod (30 Seconds To Mars is my FAVE band. I love old books, they just don't make them like they used to. I collect books for different reasons: content (love Tolkien, Gaiman, Paolini, Bradbury, Frost, Hillerman, etc.), covers, illustrations (especially children's books). Love going to the movies or watching them at home (am working on a screenplay & my dream is to have it made into a movie I get to direct). I have mastered the letters of Tengwar & Angerthas. I am working on Sarati as well. I would love to be able to speak Elvesh one day. I hope some day to have my photography published along with some of my poetry. I am a New England sports fan across the board. I am of Scottish decent and am very much into my anscestry and anything Celtic. I love the mystical but am scientifically grounded as well. Above all else, I love my family.

  • Ever purchase a digital album by one of your favorite bands even though you weren't crazy about it after sampling it?

    If there's an artist and I loved their previous album/albums - then when I sample their new album and I'm like "Um, ya, not really that great." - occasionally I'll purchase it anyways because a. I'm hoping it'll grow on me (which it usually doesn't) b. I'm trying to support a band I love.

    Then songs from that not great album end up getting into my playlist occasionally - and I'll be like "I really don't know why I purchased that album." BUT I know, I'll probably do it again in the future because I think it's really important to support musicians by legally downloading their music - and I feel like if I don't support that musician for the album I don't like - they might not be able to make another album, which could be potentially as great or better than their first album (s).

    Anyone else deal with this dilemma?

    Feel free to share (or not) examples of musician and the disappointing album.

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  • iTunes purchase problems?

    I have purchases on iTunes dating back almost 10 years (songs and videos). After getting a new laptop and downloading iTunes, I wanted to re-download the songs I purchased to my new laptop to be able to access. I noticed that many of my albums/songs are missing in iTunes (on my laptop) and when I went to the iTunes store/my account, I found that a lot of my purchased albums/songs are 'for sale'. Some say 'Purchased', but albums I KNOW I BOUGHT/PAID FOR are labeled as needing to purchased - and because a lot of the purchases are so old, they do not show up in MY ORDERS so that I might get the purchase reference number needed to re-download at no expense.

    Does anyone know if there's an email I can contact iTunes to ask them about this? (tried community & support and kept getting bumped out)

    Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how to rectify this situation?

    The last time I had this problem (happened with another PC and was able to access most of my songs, gave up on the few that I lost) iTunes support told me to go ahead and click on album to re-download and when I did, I was charged AGAIN for the songs. I most definitely do NOT want to be charged for 10-20 albums that I ALREADY PURCHASED.

    PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.

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  • Repair service Commercials: one features a Yeti & other has Creature from Black Lagoon?

    I'm looking for a commercial (2 actually). It's a service repair company for like water heaters and furnaces. The water heater features a creature that looks like the creature from the black Lagoon and the furnace one features a Yeti/abomadible snowman. They both take place in basement and the creatures are in the background while service tech is talking in the foreground.

    They're hilarious and I tried finding them, but haven't been able to.

    Anyone know which commercials these are? Have a link?

    Thanks a lot.

    (It's not the Wheat Thins or Subway commercials.)

  • Subordinating conjunctions, Commas, Grammar and the word 'Once'?

    If I remember correctly, we are taught this about subordinating conjunctions (example word 'once'):

    "Once, he was the love of her life."

    "She knew at once that he was the love of her life."

    We are also taught, that if a word(s) is inserted into a sentence & that the SAME word(s) is removed from the sentence AND the sentence can remain complete - we use commas:

    "She was, for better or for worse, still in love with him."

    Removing 'for better or for worse':

    "She was still in love with him."

    I have questions about the sample sentence below (I know the wording can be arranged to be "Once, his worst fear was his fear of the unknown." But I am writing something that is part of something along the lines of a poem, and prefer the arrangement of the words with 'once' in the middle of the sentence - that is, if it is an acceptable grammatical method):

    "His worst fear was ONCE his fear of the unknown."

    Where 'once' is a subordinating conjunction in the middle of that sample sentence, BUT it is also a case of where 'once' can be removed and the sentence remains whole:

    "His worst fear was his fear of the unknown."

    My question becomes this:

    Which grammatical rule takes precedence?

    Does 'once' get a comma, two commas or no comma(s) at all?

    "His worst fear was, once, his fear of the unknown."

    "His worst fear was once, his fear of the unknown."

    "His worst fear was once his fear of the unknown."

    Or, are none of those examples acceptable? Even in a poetic manner?

    Thank you very much.

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  • Being able to see images in the peripheral that cannot be seen straight on?

    Does anyone know they name for the phenomenon for this optical anomaly:

    It is when you can see images in your peripheral, but not straight on.

    ***I'm not talking about floaters, macular degeneration, or peripheral hallucinations.

    The type of situation I'm taking about is like the display they have at the Boston Museum Of Science. They have vertical boards flashing lighted dots (red, I think). If the dots are looked at straight on, all you can see is flashing dots, but if you relax your eyes and view the dots from your peripheral, you can see different images (as the board changes), such as bumble bees and words.

    This happens to people with healthy eyesight, and has to do with the way the peripheral functions as apposed to straight-on vision.

    Does anyone know the term for this?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Does anyone know the name of the song in this CALL OF DUTY ad?

    I heard this song in a CALL OF DUTY ad and I really like it, but cannot find it.

    I tried searching for the lyrics (went through tons of lyric sites and videos) and even Shazamed it (but it didn't recognize the song).

    The song is in this CALL OF DUTY ad at this link:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Does anyone know the name of the song and artist?

    I don't know if having the lyrics will help, so these are them, as best as I can make them out:

    "Born to win.

    You can try to take me down,

    Cause you can't get ahead.

    Gotta hold my ground.

    It's a hard (bought?) life that we're living in.

    I'll come out alive, (I'll come down the line?)

    Cause I was born to win,

    Born to win."

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Kenmore Front Loading Washer w/ Whirpool Components?

    We have a Kenmore Elite QuietPak2

    Model # 110.45872 400

    Type: 199 - 709 WT-GT

    A while ago it started acting up - at first the problem was intermittent - we could unplug our reset the cycle and it would finish the load. Now the problem is permanent.

    The problem is this: it starts its cycle, but once it has filled the basin/tub, it doesn't want to pump out all the water or do a thorough rinse. A code ( F O6) flashes on the electronic display & it beeps an alarm.

    We called in a washer repair man, who made the diagnosis of a faulty pump, which seemed to make sense. A new pump was ordered and replaced but it didn't fix the problem.

    Next guess was the mother board. New one was ordered, replaced and yet the problem still remains.

    The bearings are good, there are no frays in any of the wires (that we can spot) and we have cleaned the trap and checked for clogs in the hoses.

    The repairman said he was stumped and had never seen this problem before and couldn't understand how major parts were replaced with new ones & for the most part, motors & what not are in working order, yet the machine refuses to finish its cycle through.

    The washer is a older and in great condition, but no longer under warranty.

    I know it's a very long shot, but I don't if there is anyone out there who might be familiar with this problem. And, if so, if you might know who to fix the problem or if it is a problem that can even be fixed.

    Thank you in advance for your help and input.

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  • Need input on Tracfone Android phones?

    I have the Tracfone Huawei Glory.

    It serves a purpose, but any online usage is slow & glitchy, with or without the proper apps and regardless of whether or not I have excellent wifi - it just grinds through trying to function online.

    I am NOT constantly online, but WHEN I am, I would like it to be reliable and at least SOMEWHAT fast, so that if I have to check something online, I can get it over & done with, without getting frustrated.

    Thinking of upgrading to either the Alcatel Onetouch Pop Icon or the Unimax MaxPatriot. I see they both have slightly better professors, but it doesn't list supporting apps, etc, so this gives me little to (I on as far as phone functionality.

    Does anyone have experience with either of these phones?

    Can anyone recommend one over the other?

    Positive or negative feedback on them?

    Is it worth 'upgrading' our would I just be moving sideways?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • UNBROKEN movie tv ad: anyone know which musician does the music?

    I am trying to find out what musician does the music in the second half of the tv spot for the movie UNBROKEN.

    I can't make out what few lyrics there are. "Don't fight alone" maybe, but I know that's not right - I tried to figure out but I can't. :(

    It is NOT the song MIRACLES by Coldplay that everyone is talking about.

    Sounds most like Peter Gabriel or maybe someone like Blue October or Remy Zero - but not.

    The artist sounds so familiar and I would love to know who it is.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    The music starts around 0:23 and the vocals are around 0:27

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  • Attachment image

    Settings question for Nikon Coolpix P500 Camera?

    Not long ago I purchased a second-hand Nikon Coolpix P500 camera - didn't come w/ a user's guide (finally printed, but no chance to read through yet).

    I mainly take pictures of nature, but love going to concerts & would also like to use it there.

    I know there are better cameras/cameras 4 this job - but w/ my budget, this is what I have to work with.

    I used the Nikon at a concert for the 1st time last week. Had it set to auto - I was able to catch SOME good photos (about 25% were okay to good, the rest were junk) - I was not happy w/ the setting overall for this task.

    I tried fiddling w/ settings & functions, but had little success trying to work in the dark & didn't want to miss the concert by messing w/ it. The only thing that helped, was by pushing the right side of button (arrow A) & lowering the number (aperture?) - this seemed to help a lot w/ back lighting problems, gave better focus w/ the motion & contrast in the lower light.

    I've scrolled through the function button (arrow B) & notice that within the functions, you can change certain other settings using the dial @ arrow C (think F stop is 1 of them - not sure about others).

    Is there a better function to use (arrow B)? Once w/in that function, by using button arrow C or any other button, is there a better setting w/in that function?

    Would really appreciate simplified instructions for a suggested setting. I know this camera is not ideal for the job, but I'll take what I can get.

    Thanks very much.

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  • Need help finding a good photo editor / Also a video editor?

    I'm looking for a program for editing photo/pictures.

    I want it for cut and paste and for other editing tools/photo shop.

    I was wondering if there is a good program that might detect edges (so to speak) - in other words, the program I have right now, if I want to cut & paste a picture to super impose it over another, I have to trace the entire edge and do a cut out/trim, trace the entire thing by hand using my mouse (I don't have a touch screen monitor). I have problems with my hands, and tracing the entire thing is difficult and time consuming for me.

    I was wondering if there might be a program that auto detects edges? I don't know if such a thing exists, but I was really hoping I could find a program that was a little bit more advanced (without being too difficult to figure out). I would really like a program with some decent editing options.

    I am also looking for a good video editor (online is fine; free would be great).

    The video editor doesn't have to be too advanced - I just want it for basics.

    I want to be able to use photos and do like a slide show and overlay some music.

    I would also like to be able to take stills (photos or illustrations) and use them to make stop/go animation (create motion by editing together a bunch of stills).

    If they're is a program that combines a good photo and video editor - that's great.

    But, I don't mind if it has to be two separate programs - I prefer quality and decent options - so, consolidating the two is not necessary.

    I also do not want to pay a fortune. I really can't afford any more than around $100.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :-)

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  • Am I the only one who thinks 'selfie' should've been spelled 'cellfie'?

    Way back when I first heard the term and what it was being used for, I assumed it was 'cellfie' because you're using your CELL phone to take a picture of yourself.

    I think it would have been so much more creative and a great play on words if it were spelled 'cellfie' instead of 'selfie'.

    Anybody else ever think this?

    Just curious.

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    Okay, so I just watched RUDOLF THE RED-NOSED REINDEER - watch it with my family at least once during the holiday season - especially now that I am a mom with a daughter.

    So, here's something I've been wondering since I was a kid:

    All of the main misfit characters who live on the Island of Misfit Toys have 'flaws' that make them misfits.

    For example, there's:

    Charlie is a Charlie-In-A-Box instead of a Jack-in-a-box.

    The train has square wheels.

    The elephant has spots.

    The squirt gun squirts jelly instead of water.

    The flying bird who rather swim.

    Their leader is a lion with wings.

    And wanna-be misfit, Hermey the elf, doesn't want to make toys, he wants to be dentist.

    But, what's wrong with Dolly?!

    I always thought she was adorable. And no, I don't think it's because she has no nose. Lots of rag dolls have missing noses or mouths - even Amish dolls and certain Mammy dolls have no faces at all. (BTW: I did mentioned I'm a mom, so that's why I know these things ;-)

    Why do you think Dolly is a misfit?

    * Would appreciate your ideas - this is for fun, so, answers can be serious, silly or even ridiculous - but PLEASE, do NOT be naughty or mean.


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  • Please, help me find some new, NON mainstream music?

    I'm a music junkie & really want some new tunes. Would love obscure & lesser known artists suggestions. Don't need old/classic rock - familiar with most - prefer 2000 on. Links & specific songs are always appreciated.

    PLEASE, don't post negative comments on my taste in music - I'd appreciate suggestions NOT criticism. Just because I don't like certain music, doesn't mean I'm knocking their fans - it's just not MY taste in music.

    I like all sorts of music. In general, my favorite music genres are Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive and SOME techno, dubstep & Pop Rock (NOT 'bubblegum' pop). I like heavier stuff like Digital Summer & Stone Sour - I like some Metalcore bands like Demon Hunter & Device BUT I only like their non-screamo/non growl stuff.

    I do NOT like Rap, Hip-Hop, Metalcore or Death Metal.

    Don't mind R&B, Soul and dance, but don't want it on my iPod.

    I prefer male singers. I like deeper or raspier voices - don't like screechy, high pitched, whiney voices & absolutely don't like guys who sound like girls (H-A-T-E Justin Beiber & Sleeping With Sirens - ugh!)

    I'm not really into female singers. I like Florence + The Machine, Evanescence & Nico Vega, don't mind Skillet & Amaranthe, but don't like Paramore & most other female singers. Unless you think their vocals will blow me away, don't bother to suggest female singers.

    MY FAVORITES & BANDS I LIKE TO LISTEN TO (though it might not be every song by some bands):

    #1 = 30 Seconds To Mars (yes, I'm familiar w/ their non album stuff too, VALHALLA, OCCAM'S RAZOR, etc)

    #2 = The Anix (SLEEPWALKER album)

    Thousand Foot Krutch

    Black Lab (aka Stray Palace)




    Nine Lashes

    Three Days Grace

    The Gaslight Anthem

    10 Years

    The Veer Union


    Ghost Of August

    The Rasmus

    ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead


    Imagine Dragons

    Digital Summer

    Linkin Park

    3 Doors Down

    Apocalyptica - I DON'T CARE

    Five Finger Death Punch - FAR FROM HOME

    Morning Parade

    Breaking Benjamin

    Ashes Remain

    12 Stones


    Frightened Rabbit

    Sent By Ravens

    The Airborne Toxic Event




    Depeche Mode



    Redlight King

    My Darkest Days






    Apoptygma Bezerk


    Stone Sour

    Cold War Kids


    Falling In Reverse

    Rev Theory

    Evans Blue

    Pop Evil



    Mayday Parade

    Alkaline Trio

    Twety One Pilots

    Escape The Fate



    Saving Abel

    Art Of Dying

    A Perfect Circle


    A Day To Remember

    Young Guns

    Love And Death

    City Archaic

    Semi Precious Weapons

    The Offspring


    Rise Against

    Bush (Gavin Rossdale)

    Adelitas Way

    Capital Kings

    Panic! At the Disco



    Snow Patrol

    Bullet For My Valentine

    Ryan Star (11:89 LP)

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Passion Pit





    The Darkness


    Young The Giant - MY BODY




    The Used

    Trevor Hall - BRAND NEW DAY


    All That Remains

    The Lumineers

    Walk The Moon

    Avenged Sevenfold

    Blue October


    Write This Down

    Two Door Cinema Pub

    Bad Religion


    Buck Cherry

    Sick Puppies

    Alpha Rev



    Theory Of A Deadman

    Alex Clare

    Plain White Tees

    Modest Mouse

    Brand New

    Papa Roach

    Dashboard Confessional

    Empire Of The Sun

    Damien Rice


    Neon Trees

    Against Me!

    The Veils

    Arcade Fire

    Birds Of Tokyo

    Mat Kearney

    Kevin Rudolf - LET IT RICK

    Alter Bridge


    Swedish House Mafia


    All American Rejects

    Matchbox 20 (Rob Thomas)



    Senses Fail

    The Killers


    Band Of Horses



    Frank Turner

    The Strokes

    Tokio Hotel


    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


    You Me At Six


    Bright Eyes

    Fall Out Boy

    Coheed & Cambria

    Arctic Monkeys


    Dropkick Murphys


    The Deerhunter

    Good Charlotte

    Motion City Soundtrack

    Angels And Airwaves

    Capital Cities

    Black Veil Brides



    The Shins

    Foo Fighters

    Dropkick Murphys

    Mumford And Sons

    Boys Like Girls

    The Script

    Family Of The Year


    Cage The Elephant


    Of Monsters And Men

    The Mowglis


    Phillip Phillips

    Michael Franti - HEY HEY HEY

    Remy Zero


    The Transformers (any)

    Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall

    The Crow (original movie)

    Point Break


    Vampire Weekend

    Queens Of The Stoneage

    Devour The Day

    Green Day

    Killswitch Engage

    Asking Alexandria


    Blink 182

    Pierce The Veil

    At The Drive In

    Bad Religion


    Gym Class Heroes

    Jack White


    Hollywood Undead

    In This Moment

    The Mars Volta

    MC Lars

    Mindless Self Indulgence

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Reel Big Fish

    Shiny Toy Guns

    Silversun Pickups



    Sum 41

    System Of A Down

    Twenty One Pilots

    The XX



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  • Recommendation for best UK / British TOP GEAR season?

    I'm a huge fan of the UK version of TOP GEAR.

    My brother is a mechanic and owns antique hot rods but he's never seen UK TOP GEAR (he doesn't get BBC America).

    I know he would love TOP GEAR and want to get him a DVD set for his birthday, but don't really know which season I should start with (think here in the states we can get season 12 and up, earlier seasons aren't formatted for the US).

    Some of my favorite episodes are the one where they travel through the desert (the three wise man), the one where they turn the cars into trains and the one where they try to create an ad for Volkswagen.

    As far as I know, these episodes are not all in the same season.

    Are there any UK TOP GEAR fans who are familiar with the seasons? Familiar enough so that you could recommend a good season to start with? Or should I just start with the earliest season I can get?

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

    1 AnswerReality Television8 years ago
  • Linguist or Asian or Korean translation help needed???!!!?

    I am not sure of the language or dialect of the line I need help translating - so let me apologize in advance for any misconceptions. My best guess is that it is Chinese or Japanese, but know there are many dialects of Cantonese and there is the chance it might also be Korean or another dialect all together.

    I would like to know what the girl is saying in the line is at the very beginning of the song 'Do Or Die' by 30 Seconds To Mars - phonetically it sounds like (and I know I'm probably mutilating it, so sorry): "Shing dong high-chjing sa-wong." It's probably best just to hear it first hand at this link:

    ***I would love if someone could show me the correct way of writing this sentence as well as its English translation and language of origin.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1 AnswerLanguages8 years ago
  • What is your favorite classic Crayola Crayons color?

    I was coloring with my daughter yesterday (My Little Pony coloring book). When it came time to color in the pony's outfit, I began looking for just the right color, and as usual, when coloring in something major, I found myself picking my go-to color 'Midnight Blue'.

    I couldn't help but thinking: Does everyone (or at least most people) have a favorite Crayola Crayon color?

    So, of the original 64 Crayola colors, which is your favorite?

    Sorry, if this seems like the wrong category. Art didn't seem technically correct and Games & Hobbies could've worked, but neither had a Polls & Survey sub-category. I did the best with the categories given :)

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Help with a duodecimal problem?

    A mathematician on Yahoo! Answers helped me out by showing me how to convert base 10 numbers to duodecimal - and I would have contacted them directly with this follow-up question, but I had no way to contact them directly. So, I don't know if I'll get the same person. Regardless, I need a little more help.

    I am trying to convert the date 23 - 1 - 2012 to duodecimal (the reason for this is the following: I write Tengwar - the Elvish language in 'The Lord Of The Rings' - and one of the methods used in writing the numbers in Elvish involves using the duodecimal system).

    I think I converted 23, and 2012 correctly (and PLEASE correct me if I am wrong):

    The highest power of 12 that is not over 23 is 12^1 = 12

    12 goes into 23 once with remainder 11

    so 23 would be written 1 (11)

    The highest power of 12 that is not over 2012 is 12^3 = 1728

    1728 goes into 2021 once with a remainder of 284

    The highest power of 12 that is not over 284 is 12^2 = 144

    144 goes into 284 once with a remainder of 140

    The highest power of 12 that is not over 140 is 12^1 = 12

    12 goes into 140 eleven times with a remainder of 8

    so 2012 would be 1 1 (11) 8

    But how do I convert the number 1 into duodecimal? Is there any way for it to be represented as a whole number? I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one, because if it cannot be written as a whole number then there is no Tengwar representation for the number (no fractions) and therefore the whole method for writing the number in this way is useless (and this is supposed to be one of the main ways for writing the numbers)! UGH!

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1 AnswerMathematics9 years ago
  • Where can I contact Kerrang magazine?

    I have already tried this address:

    and it comes back as undeliverable (so please don't give me this one).

    I was at the 30 Seconds To Mars 12/7/11 Mars 300 show and a photographer from 'Kerrang' magazine took a picture of some friends (other Echelon I met at the concert - a shout out to all of you!!! ) and I. I'm trying to see if I can get a copy of the photo. So, I'd love an email address where I might be able to contact someone at 'Kerrang' to ask about this.

    Thanks in advance!

    1 AnswerMagazines9 years ago
  • Help with a duodecimal math problem?

    I thought I had a basic idea how to do duodecimal, but haven't done it in about 20 years. I know there are different methods/equations for transferring out base 10 integers into the duodecimal. One way I thought it was done is as follows:

    If I wanted to transfer the year 1995 into duodecimal

    1995 = 1000 + 900 + 90 +5 which equals duodecimal 1728 +1296 +108 + 5 = 3137

    1995 = duodecimal 3137

    But perhaps my math is rusty and I did this wrong.

    However, this is not my only part to the question. I write Tengwar (the Elvish language in 'The Lord Of The Rings) and their numbers can be written in two ways: using our typical numbers, so I could just use '1995'. But there is a second method using the duodecimal system and I would like to be able to master this method as well.

    The sample that was given used the year '1995' and when the sample was given for the duodecimal version of this number, they had it written as 1995 = 1 1 (10) 3 (I believe it is a 1, a space, then another 1, not 11).

    Is this a correct conversion? If so, how do I do the breakdown to arrive at these numbers? I would REALLY appreciate a step by step method and even a couple other examples so that I am able to use this method on my own. I'm sure this may seem simple enough to some people, but I haven't used this system in so long, so it is temporarily lost somewhere in the recesses of my brain! Can someone help me jog my memory?!?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1 AnswerMathematics9 years ago