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  • I want to know if I can get copyrighted.?

    So I made an instrumental that I'm planning to use commercially but I used a sound from one of Tyler the Creator's song. It's the woah sound by the way. Will I get copyrighted or have to pay royalties for using it? It's only one sound and it's just woah.

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  • Will I get into UCLA with a non-weighted 3.82 GPA?

    My high-school has a pretty rigorous program and I am only at my sophomore year and I estimate to have a 3.82 non-weighted GPA by the end of my 2 years. I will probably keep the same GPA for the rest of my high school education. I’m taking 6 periods which consists of Honors chemistry (which will become AP second semester), English and math honor, spanish 3, AP comp science and finally AP world history.

    1 AnswerPrimary & Secondary Education8 months ago
  • Can someone give me the definition of this dream?

    This was probably the worst dream I’ve had in my life. It started out with me having inner vibrations (that i actually often get which i think is because of lack of sleep). But when i had those vibrations normally i can move and open my eyes but I couldn’t. I tried putting all my force to open my eyes and they opened slightly enough to see light and my entire body didn’t move at all. Then i felt someone was in the room watching me but i couldnt see them cuz my head was facing the other way. Then i woke up (in my dream) and it felt normal, i even turn on the light and try to go to my mom’s room but i hear a voice saying “no, no we are not done” and i blink and suddenly im back in my bed feeling like i woke up again. I hear my mom in the living room so i go to her and she is in the couch putting on her sweater to go somewhere. I asked where she was going and she said she was getting chocolate and i asked why are u getting chocolate in the middle of the night and thats when she started melting and i turn around and see a man in the darkness of the room giggling. I wake up once again (in my dream) and right away i felt a hand going straight to my neck and was getting choked for about 3 seconds before actually waking up and it was over. It was definitely the weirdest and scariest dream. It was as if i was in the matrix but owned by demons.

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  • I need an answer from some religious people about the afterlife and who we hang out with.?

    So im not into religions at all and i know very few things but doesn’t religious people say you are reunited with ur family once ur dead so wouldn‘t that mean that for example my grandma wants to be with her mom and cousin or whatever and my grand grand grand ma wants to be with her mother, kids etc so it would mean that everybody is there and not only ur family since everybody wants to be with someone and we basically come from the same place (Africa). This is probably very confusing but i dont know how to explain my thinking well.

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