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    What do these symbols mean?

    I don't know the language.

    7 AnswersLanguages7 months ago
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    Red itchy bumps on my ankle?

    I don't know much about them but I know they do cause a mild itch and I've had them for more than 4 months. This is the only spot I have them.

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions1 year ago
  • Will oil weight cause vtec problems?

    I own a 94 civic SI hatch with a h22a1 swap. Ok so when I first had the car I ran 10W30 full synthetic Mobil1 with Mobi1 filter and vtec never kicked in. Later in time I changed to 5W30 and vtec would work perfectly until it was time to do another oil change. When the 5W30 was ready to be changed the vtec would never engage at operating temperature but would work perfectly on warm up but of cousre vtec wouldn t kick in at low temperatures either which I think is normal. So I d like to try 5W20 to see if that fixes it. Or is this completely normal and not a problem at all?

    3 AnswersHonda4 years ago
  • How to anticipate trains?

    I wake up in the morning to go to work I usually leave in the nick of time I get down the street turn the corner and bam there s a train in my way. Is there some kind of website or app that I can use that will tell me hey your nearest railroad crossing is about to activate the train is 1000 cars long or something like that and it will give me an approximate time of how long is the train is going to take to cross that Crossing is there anything out there like this ?

    5 AnswersRail5 years ago
  • A cop shot my dog?

    Capone is my 1 year old lab mix. He is capable of jumping my privacy fence that was built recently to keep this from happening. He is also in a harness and chained up when we are home. He jumped the fence and got out of his chain and harness and we were told he was on the loose for 45 minutes and didn't bite anyone. I hear a gunshot out front of my house and see a cop holding a gun. Not a taser or pepper spray. But a gun. He was grazed on the nose then the bullet entered his head in between his eyes and then exited out the top of his head. He Is currently getting treatment at an emergency veterinarian clinic hopefully he comes out alive.

    I honestly think that non lethal weapons could have been used instead of a gun. My question is how can I see the footage taken by the shooting officers sunglass mounted camera? And people are saying I should do something legal about this like lawsuit but I don't know if I should or even how that works. Or if it's even worth it? Are police trained for dog encounters or are they just told to shoot on site? Btw the dog lived he made it out of the vet alive.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • 95 s 10 hydraulic clutch system problem?

    First thing first I went to school for automotive technology been working with vehicles for about 6 years now. and I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what the Hells wrong.

    95 Chevrolet s10 4 cylinder external slave cylinder

    The clutch will not disengage thus not allowing me to shift into gear while the engine is running. the clutch master cylinder has been replaced twice in the slave cylinder has been replaced once. the hydraulic line between the two is not leaking at all I checked under the boot of the slave cylinder and there is no fluid visible. also I checked to see if I could adjust the clutch pedal which this vehicle does not come with this feature. I bled the system many times and many ways. according to my automotive technology book written by Jack erjavec. and doing the pumping technique. anyways I'm mainly looking for common problems on these type of vehicles also if anybody else has had the same problem. I fear the only thing left could be damaged clutch fork or if I'm thinking right broken fingers on the clutch assembly not allowing the clutch to disengage. Please help.

    3 AnswersChevrolet6 years ago
  • how to remove this crap on my rims?

    Facebook Edward Ward with an SI as the cover photo and you will see my rim and what I'm talking about HELP!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • clutch problems chevy s10?

    Ok so while engine running and clutch pedal is pushed down I can't get it to go into any gear. Pedal feels fine plenty of resistance no noticable leaking on master or slave cylinder. Engine off it will shift. And when I try to start it in gear the truck pulls forward. Only thing I can think of is maybe the clutch is broken but then again I feel a good amount of resistance in the pedal. The truck has been sitting for quite some time and last time it was driven clutch was fine so I'm stuck because I don't see how the clutch materi could go away if the truck has been sitting please help. And yes there is plenty of fluid

    5 AnswersChevrolet7 years ago
  • Stretching my tires? wats a good size?

    What size is good for 8" width r15 rim?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Stretching my tires what would be a proper and safe size to go?

    I currently have 205/45/r15. What size should I drop to in order to create the look?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Transmission fluid type for 1994 prelude H22A1?

    I own a honda civic with a prelude h22a1 motor and tranny. I need to know what fluid to use in a manual transmission

    1 AnswerHonda7 years ago
  • What is this on my finger!!?

    This is a picture of my finger.

    The wart looking thing is painful and I have had it for about a year now. I have used dr scholls freeze away and its still here and I have tried to cut it off but it came back. Can anyone tell me what it is and maybe how to get rid of it?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Vtec conversion? help?

    I have a b18b1 in my 92 civic hatch and i want a vtec perferably a jdm cylimder head. I want to be jdm as ****. There are some B engines out there like b18c b18c type R would a b16 vtec work? Better than a b18? What website can i go to to find out how all this is done? I need help deciding which head is better?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Vtec question! please help?

    I have a b18b1 non vtec and i want to convert it to vtec.... Should i get a b16 head or a b18 head?

    1 AnswerAcura8 years ago
  • I need a gps device? i need help?

    Im looking for something i can install in my car and use google maps to locate it.... I dont want monthly fees i have to pay just to use it.

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics8 years ago
  • My 93 civic hid bulbs?

    The car came with after market headlights with 6000k HID bulbs do i have to change the ballast in order to get a higher bulb like an 8000k or a 30,000k bulb?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • 1992 honda civic hatchback. is it an SI?

    How do i know of my honda civic is a true SI

    5 AnswersHonda8 years ago
  • 92 honda civic hatch question? sunroof?

    my sunroof doesnt move i can hear the motor running but it dont move the sunroof. what could be the problem?

    1 AnswerHonda8 years ago
  • 92 honda civic hatchback question? ?

    Where can i fine a bed liner for the trunk the carpet is missing in my honda.

    2 AnswersHonda8 years ago
  • 92 honda civic hatch! fuel pump?

    When i go to turn the key the pump should prime the fuel system but sometimes it doesnt and when it doesnt the car is hard to get started. What could be the problem?

    3 AnswersHonda8 years ago