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I am obsessed with pandas. I style my writing of pandas like this: PandA

  • If the Elysian Fields were a place of paradise in the Underworld in Greek mythology, why is it used in A Streetcar Named Desire?

    Blanche takes a streetcar named Desire, then one called Cemeteries, and arrives at Elysian Fields.

    If this journey represents her own journey of how her sexual desires led her to death (aka loss of sanity and self) and the Kowalskis' at Elysian Fields is her "final resting place" before moving to the mental hospital, why did Williams use Elysian Fields when her time at the Kowalskis was anything but paradise (for Blanche)? Or is it meant to be ironic that the place is named after a paradise when it wasn't?

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  • Attachment image

    How to prevent smudging with a finished watercolour painting?

    I'm using a Canson watercolour sketchbook right now and so far I have no complaints as it handles water and paint really well and I can use it with ease. I've noticed that a lot of artists like to use both sides of the paper in their sketchbooks, and I wanted to do that as well, but I noticed that a lot of my paintings will smudge onto the back of the paper before it.

    Does this smudging happen with all papers, or is it just Canson? Mine is also spiral bound so the papers are more loose in that they can move around more easily than a hardcover sketchbook.

    I attached a photo to show what I'm talking about, and tried my best to darken the photo so the smudges are more visible.

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  • What products are formed when iron metal is placed in a solution of Zn(NO3)2 and AgNO3?

    a) Fe2+ ions and metallic zinc

    b) Zn2+ ions and metallic silver

    c) Fe2+ ions and metallic silver

    d) Fe2+ ions, Ag+ ions, and hydrogen

    The answer is C, can someone please explain why? This is a practice question for redox reactions.

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  • If the graph of f(x)=(x-2)^2+1 is transformed to the graph of g(x)=f(x-4)+3, what will the coordinates of the vertex on y=g(x) be?

    I m trying to figure out this math question but the square and the f in the a parameter of g(x) are both confusing me.

    The answer is (6, 4) but how do i figure that out?

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  • What can Catholics learn from Judaism and what can people of Jewish fatih learn from Catholics?

    What can these two religions learn from each other? (I simply need answers for schoolwork so please don't waste your time writing useless answers telling me that they cannot learn anything)

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  • Should I get the nikon d3300 or d5300?

    I am considering buying my first dslr camera and I have narrowed my choices to the nikon d3300 and d5300. I understand that the features on the two are quite similar and the d5300 happens to have a bit more, such as tilt-swivel screen, built in wifi, etc, and I've read that the d5300 has better image display/colour display. I know that the d3300 has a built in guide which teaches you how to use the different manual settings on the camera, which is one of the reasons I chose it. As a beginner, would it be better for me to choose the d3300 as it's been reviewed as a good entry level dslr and has the guide for me to learn how to use the manual settings, or is it worth it to go for the extra that d5300 offers and just learn the manual settings by reading and experimenting?

    (please don't try to point me towards canon while answering, I've already narrowed it down to these two for my own reasons and I don't need to have random answers telling me to just buy a canon camera)

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  • How does the school system work in Britain (and/or britain)?

    I know that you take some sort of huge exam at the age of 16 (GCSEs) but what do you do afterwards? I heard that you can drop out there but most jobs require further education so do you continue school until you're 18? I also heard that the idea of college is different there and that college and university are two different things, so do you have to go to college first? How long is college and what are you meant to study in college in comparison to university and secondary school?

  • uncommon last names?

    Writing a story about a girl named emery. Maybe a last name with a darker meaning otherwise anything that sounds good.

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  • What kind of short story could I write from this prompt?

    I'm trying to write a short story based off of this prompt, but I can't think of a good and strong plot. Any ideas please?

    Here's the prompt:

    To know what was in the shop you had to go inside; the patina of dust on the front window was thick, but once I thought I made out the shape of an owl on the other side of the glass, its wings lifted in frozen flight.

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  • What's happened to my nail polish?

    I recently decided to open up one of my bottles of nail polish and it wasn't runny and liquidy like normal nail polish, but all thick and goopy. So I wasn't sure what was wrong but I'm just wondering what must have caused it to go like that because it's such a waste of perfectly good nail polish. I actually tried putting in some water to liquidate the nail polish but it failed. Is there a way to get it back to its original state?

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  • Female names meaning curious, strong, fighter, brave, rebellious that kind of meanings?

    Well, I'm writing a story about a girl who is curious and somewhat rebellious. The story will be a dystopia so she would be a bit of a fighter and she would be strong. I'd appreciate it of the name isn't a very common name but if it were to be unique, I'd prefer if it weren't too exotic would still be easy to pronounce.

    I realize that some of you might mention to just choose some random name because at birth her parents wouldn't know her personality and blah blah blah, but the point of choosing a name with a specific meaning just gives the character more of a personality. You would notice that's how lots of shows and books how the writer will choose a name because of the meaning.

    Sorry for the long rant.


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  • I need help finding a good name?

    I'm trying to write a story about this girl who is a shadow, and I really want to find a proper name of it. However, when I try to search names, I find these confusing and hard to pronounce names. I just want a name that is not very common but still somewhat well known. I'd like the meaning to be appropriate for someone who is curious, brave, somewhat rebellious, and if you could find a name that could relate somewhat to a meaning like cofinemant and the sense of being trapped, that would be AWESOME. The girl is kind of trapped by her society and is forced into doing the job her society has created her for, but what she wants is freedom.

    So, like I said, I just want something unique, but not too exotic, and not a name that would bee on those top baby names because those are pretty common names.

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  • Attention Wattpad People! Important Question here!!!!!?

    Okay, so my friend and I are writers, and we both use Wattpad. Anyway, she can't answer my question so I need u people's help.

    You know how when you write the story, the parts kind of show up in backwards order? Like, for example, right now Chapter One comes BEFORE Prologue, which isn't how it's supposed to be. I've read this other Wattpad book and they have the Table of Contents in order the right way. Is there an easy way to fix this problem of mine, or am I going to have to copy and paste?

    This question is strictly for what it is asking. Don't even waste your time commenting completely useless stuff like I'm a bad writer or whatever.

    Anyway, thanks.

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  • What should I do about this?

    There is this super annoying girl in my class and there are like a million reasons why I can't stand her.

    1. A total BRAT

    2. Totally self- pity

    3. Turned one of my friends against me, and trying to steal one of my weaker friends which isn't fair because that friend doesn't like to say no.

    4. Thinks she can just do what ever she wants(skipped class, got mad when we had to take notes, distracting everyone else in class)

    5. Me and my friends are new at this school and this girl has been at the school for a while so now she thinks that she knows EVERYTHING and is soo smart.

    6 Really possesive of one of her friends

    7. Get's mad when I'm trying to talk to one of my friends(the weak one)

    8 Get's mad when we don't pity her and she thinks that we should

    9. Is such a sore player in volleyball whether her team won or lost. Ex: She was bumping the ball, it barely touched her, and she made this painful face and said the bone got pushed back. I mean, doesn't that mean her arm would be broken?

    Okay, I'm done, and I am in no mood to try to make peace with this idiot so PLEASE don't suggest that. I'm more in the mood for revenge this girl needs to go DOWN. Thanks.

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  • How do I contact someone on here?

    Hi I have recently discovered that I have given the wrong answer for this question, but know that I look at the additional details given, I know the right answer and I just want to inform them of it. Please help!!!

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  • What's a really good book to read?

    I want something like Divergent or Hunger Games, but I still like realistic fiction, like the Alice series, or Enid blyton's Malory Towers and sT. Clare's.

    I have also read alyson noel's books, just to give you an idea of what I like.

    Best answer is well descripted and gives me a clear idea of what you are giving as a suggestion.

    Easy 10 pts!

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  • Hi how do i advertise my blog for free and easily?

    I dont want to gice out any personal i nfo or text anyone tho

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  • How to change your profile pic and name on yahoo?

    You know when you look at the person whjo answered or asked a qiestion and there is a name and a poc? How to change it. For exaple i want to chage Nicole and i want to change that blue square with the exclamatiion mark


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  • I'm writing a book and need unique names. four F girls names and four A girl names. any unique boy names. THNX?

    You can also give any girl or boy names my book is about eight girls that don't know they r princesses. The queen was assasinated at the beginning and the king is loving but strong so ya. I just like these names to be unique. Thanks again

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