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  • Will the money deposited be taken back?

    My step dad died in the middle of July (may his soul rest in peace), he has given me instructions to contact the embassy upon his death but that was done around August since we are currently experiencing pandemic here in Philippines and contacting the embassy was difficult. The money came 1st days of August, both the Work Pension (Private Pension) and the Social Security. Since I have read that the Private Pension will go to the wife when he signed the contract on the company he has worked with (It goes to his 2nd ex-wife since my mother is the 3rd and legal wife last wife) and the Social security will go to my mother which is the beneficiary but only get a little on it and my mother will receive it 6 months according to the embassy. What will happen to the money deposited? Will it be taken back?

    2 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates3 months ago
  • Cant Play MOH warfighter xbox360?

    I have a MOH warfighter for xbox360, and when I tried to play it. It says it is not compatible to my xbox and it says its for asian only. If I modify my xbox will I be abke to play it?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago